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Shooting guards to play in this game terrific player who be on the all seventy five a hundred year team whatever it is to me I mean the Browns creek but not take anything away from it Kobe was sensational but there it's it's kind of like into sports for me there's no comparisons third I don't even when when you have a hockey debate I don't even talk about Wayne Gretzky okay it's additional point is right there okay and the same thing in basketball Michael Jordan led the league in scoring ten times he was a first team all NBA defense nine times okay Ferris Bueller there for you but the reality of it is people forget how great and she was I tell you a quick story the Kenny Smith one time said he talked about when Reggie Theus got traded for Michael Jordan Reggie Theus goes a no rookie could replace me Jordan does for he said he's going to go for forty five in Sacramento that night he only scored forty three but Jordan the best line ever he goes you still got to come to Chicago I mean his greatness personified it's awesome that is great seven and one thing Michael Jordan did as well there's so many things that he did well but wherever he thought his game was deficient in the off season he would work at that's a weather was three point shooting or you talked about defense because when he first came in he wasn't the best defensive player but he works so hard to because he we already was the the best offense of guy but defense you know special teams so to speak I mean he did all of that stuff and he always found the open man weather was packs inner Kerr of whatever was our workhorse grand or whatever was that guy that was left open instead of taking that shot were I feel Colby if you see the double team come and he's still going to take that shot because he feels he's still the best option I would agree to.

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