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My youngest daughter michaela was grandmother who sexually called grand. Perry declared the michaela was an old saw. My smile any parent would but to be honest as more concerned about whether she had all fingers and talks only after mikhael started to grow up. Can i realized there might be something to that. Expression also mikhael h. Two described your moods and colors. She picked up complex. Things like musical instruments in seemed like in minutes played well beyond her years. Same thing with art. Choose a deep thinker. But even then i just framed her as a unique kid. I remember having a birthday party in the backyard for older sister. Alexandra all the kids were running over. Seattle clown or somebody making blows. Mckinley just wandered off on her own before you knew it. She three or four people rounded so only after they started to do this show and connected with some of the indigenous people like jennifer menard tree supposed to sandy boucher artists. Like harry connick junior. Ac mentioned people like robert party people. Chris hadfield seeing the world from outer space that i realized perspective that there's people that truly believe that the energy this planet isn't the exclusive domain of the present but also includes our ancestors to walk before us today and chatter the matters and bringing you another old saw. His name is saleh bashir. An immigrant candidate taught himself english by watching batman on television seller. Went on to build a media empire. His personal art collection would be the envy of many museums around the world. What makes salads so special is his belief that higher purpose is to give and give back. His mark on life is to be generous with his time is money and thinking. The world is a better place because of this old soul salary share. You're listening to the iheartradio candidate talk network and this is chatter. That matters with tony chapman presented by rb. See he's one of canada's leading philanthropist. He's a gifted entrepreneur as a business leader. Extraordinary are collector. An advocate of the lgbtq community order canada oregon tara honorary doctors the chancellor of oak ad and believe it or not so much. Mark name is solid bashir saleh. Welcome to chat of the matters. Thank you in traveling. Zelaya's of boy you grew up in lebanon. Take us back to that time. And what your member that country growing up there. It was a huge sense of community. Grew up in a small town where everybody seemed to be a relative. My grandmother lived with us and my dad was a contractor other parts of the middle eastern seven hundred. Have to travel for. But it's almost dream when you have a childhood than much later wonder what happened. We still go back choice. Believe we went back twice a year for the endemic. We still have olive groves their house. Did you ever see beirut back. Then when i understand. It was the paris of the middle east london most beautiful cities in real. It hasn't changed. I mean be roots. Incredible the resilience of the people everything even during the civil war there was stuff going on. Anthony would drain said it was the most exciting lacey's ever been. It's just a whole nasa different cultures. A mirror different things in foods in incredible. I can't keep up with favorite. Kiki above this Offer age tenure family has to leave lebanon. What was the reason. And why do they choose. Canada my dad left actually Five years earlier there was a chance of a civil war. Nineteen fifty eight. When the americans landed ten thousand troops in lebanon. He wanted us ubi educated and not be there with all the different strikes and secularism that was going on. My name is a moslem arab name and so his best friend named his son. John named named his jaw so it was kind of one of those things where they both came to. They had a lot of friends in ottawa. This huge lebanese community chose to come to I mean there's a huge anti-americanism at the time so he came to the thought of gadarene was placed in atp prince here who is right. What was it like for a ten year old coming to a country strange language. Obviously the weather patterns are very different. How do you plant roots at that age. Will you know. There's a whole sense of immigrants who were together until together. So there was a mr mckenzie in ragsdale. Learn english by watching. Batman and bewitched bonanza three bs. Were with my dad when we have seen awhile in were five kids and we made the nick frenzy or quickly. The it wasn't much of an adjustment. We spoke french as well. So it was kinda and i understand that. Doing some research requires an athlete when you came here that you. I'm not now well. People are going to hear the audio. So i could say you're absolutely But i mean but the you know you were goalie in hockey quarterback in the football team. That's quite something to come into a new country and kind of work your way into those positions that help you kind of become part of canada or was it just. You're just had affinity for you. Know i think it's a fitting end as well as the most people want to try and fit in and we. We started with street hockey on our street. Which is a dead end. Actually despite the pearls all jewelry e can't get a hold of me on. Sunday is a huge. Nfl football an adding. There's a painting in our office by a bunch of mostly naked man playing football. He tried to reach me once. They said you know he watches one o'clock game than the puck game. He walks the dog at seven than me. The clock emc that that window at seven. I've never wanted to fit into someone's rule of something that they mentioned. Do this do that so at age. Fifteen you begin down a path which turns out to be elect line pursuit in becoming an activist taking back to that time. When you're in front of the dominion grocery stores trying to get people to boycott the greeks. Grapes are one of my favorite fruits How it actually came about. But i i know that there. There's a picture somewhere bob Walking in march with vazza dominion ragsdale. Bauza in we started boycotting. Grapes was a strip mall. And where my mom and most of the people working in there with you and ask something of a divided farmworkers workers and that i should do something about. It's a great book with john. Steinbeck remember reading grapes of wrath. So you ain't movie with henry fonda a fantastic movie so you click about one hundred dollars a day to give to the because cesar chavez is in town sounds like your dad was pretty proud because he topped it up with another fifty but you down to present this and you're kind of embarrassed at how smallest amount was given how big 'cause i started a lot more people given me money. I i just thought it was an easy. 'cause you know here you know whatever amount Went to present a lifelong came out of kind of pounded under fifty dollars and he let me know which is a real key of fundraising everywhere. Where the honor fifty dollars logo which families how it will be spent and the bill. Compliments one hundred fifty dollars more than we had this morning. Sometimes people will have a fundraiser but not follow up of where the money is going. And what's what's happening. How effective. I read so many things about your love the both. I'm not dismissing your dad. 'cause you talk so glowingly but when you talk about your mom and some of the incredible beautiful words.

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