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As well all of that going to site I'd like to see some normality returned to us right I want some normal way of life I am missing sports I'm watching the Bundesliga in Spain returns I believe this weekend or next weekend not too far away from the premier league coming back but what about here we had we were in the midst of all of these you know middle to end of the seasons in the NBA and the NHL baseball skate race start the NFL we're still dangling out there because when this crash in on us we didn't have the NFL just finished so what's that look like well the NBA I mean they've that you know can they get it going I don't know if the players at the table the entire time and that's really important because there's a lot of money at stake it not only is there a lot of money now he's got to make a deal with them where they feel comfortable going into this bubble for the season to continue and that is going to make another deal with that probably in September and October about next season when they won't have the same ticket revenue to maneuver here Brian was talking about Adams and silver soul thing is alright here's the deal guys we're gonna get you guys to Orlando we're gonna finish this out we're gonna come play in games so we can set it up so we're gonna have some playing games and then we're gonna have playoffs and it's just going to be in a contained area in Orlando Disney world complex we're gonna get this done and it may take a little bit longer and instead of you starting the season we have to kick it in and we'll start the season in what many people have been calling for for years was start the NBA season in December this so can it come back what does that even look like I think that's a big thing and can you make the deal happen one priority is making its owners happy which in large part means making money he's got a lot of that for the for the last six years his number two priority is to make the players feel like they have ownership as much as they can't even though they'll never owned stock in the to be able to sit there and that means listening so that we talk about mental health issues that means supporting them when they want to use their platform to talk about problems in society and societal change this is not something that he is just on the last three four days or less five six weeks he's on a for fifteen years yeah they want their voices heard they want their voices heard so you and your is like he's walking all kinds of five lines gotta make these guys happy over here the owners because all they care about the green and they want their teams to succeed because it's a it's a notch in their gun belts of cool stuff that they have because there's not many of them let the other side they want to make sure you know he can make sure the players are happy the players want of a louder voice in social issues and don't want to be seen as people who are punished for you know the the irony of all this is is remember how the NBA season started where is the whole China incident with the NBA and the Players coming out kind of jumping on China's bandwagon and talking about a lot of stuff and if I do find that to be a little ironic when you talk about oppression we talk about a lot of things and at the same time you're worried about your wallet to three two three five three twenty four twenty three at seventeen shows your Twitter boomer I'm not worried about my wallet because I was ecstatic skip look I've tried a lot of these products and if they stock up they they suck and if your problem is looming not a problem natural space covers face coverings I read yesterday great piece about they're here to stay and I think they I think in some ways they are going to become more part of what we do I think it during flu season even they're not going anywhere people are realizing Hey you wash your hands you cover your face you're gonna cut down a lot of this.

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