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Here's the thing i would respect if you retort by saying this if you come back at me and say you get a fill with resistance s three points you get a kick off through the goal posts with no resistance as one point caca respect that you don't get three point four you get only one right but i don't respect in the game where i don't look around and see anywhere else there's not a resisting force against you call it a human being get awarded a rewarded i don't know gimme another element of football that says hey mayor isn't one well why can't you make this the first time they there's a reason while football's king like don't don't tear down to this level but the hockey and i know that hockey's not the nfl that used to be defense but now we just put a goalie against the guy skating in all alone yeah and it's exciting and to your point marcellus hockey people which i would not put myself in like hockey dot ocoee person yeah i love it i love that because it's just okay here he comes and either you winner he wins yeah and that's it but part of our love for it is we don't have a deep respect and responsibility to the game like we're like oh that's cool gimme people do yeah did it anyway yeah and did yeah they're sport needs all these kind of gimmicks i don't dare place i don't disagree now football football's about imagine if your son's math math that i want to throw at you what i've got math about your football fans i'm so excited about this yes yes i'm gonna put too i just wrote my business plan i just wrote my business.

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