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Is seventy one percent of millionaires use some one to help them select and manage their investments like a smartvestor perot click on smartvestor diagrams ecom put in your information will drop down a group of people in your area list of people in your area that we endorse we call them smartvestor pros and they can help you lay out a game plan to be a millionaire now obviously we're gonna get you out of debt before you start investing we're going to get your mergency funding place before you start investing but you can do this stuff listen if seven out of ten million do something out of think about it right it ought to be something you consider in seven out of ten millionaires use an investment professional they didn't do it on their own i don't work on my own car i don't do my own taxes i have done both in the past i probably could muddle through but why why would i do that dale is with us in orlando high deo what is your net worth of over three million good for you and how is that broken down the investment in that sir oh much like a model for one point six and financial uh uh manatat answer financial investments okay but for fifty men brutal a little strain uh i uh annuities around two hundred fifty six thousand five insurance one hundred sixty thousand okay uh and settling coming to from an accident uh probably around to fifty thousand etc.

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