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Them if if i didn't have katie on waivers right now for lonnie up for the worst fucking haircut of all time can up allie post this picture that i ended up sending the funniest part about is i get a facetime cal from yan's and i'm always calling to check in and he goes. Show me your haircut. Nah so she likes me up with this guy. Ira so when she first got the town's streets up to a couple of her girlfriends to be like. Hey where can i get my hair styles shannon going in she got to cut. She enjoyed it. But she's like this guy was the most obnoxious guy that i've ever been around in my entire life so i normally go to a barber and i get the fades done so now that my hair went crazy. I needed somebody to style at like a talk star. Salt we up. She ends up lining this up or she excuse me. She messes up. She has do you know anybody who could style men's hair. Here's my boyfriend salad. And you go or wednesday anita by. She says wall in the next couple of days so he goes come she. I think the guy goes come by at five thirty tonight. So perfect so we lined up haircut. We're heading it's annoying guy in the world the most buddy my my blood's hell you that before. She took this keep him. I don't know this. This is something that i found out afterwards. You sold early dude. What i say afterward. I i got to experience it while driving to the haircut. She goes just a heads up okay. This guy's extremely obnoxious. And i'm like whatever i'm going to be in the chair for thirty minutes if he bows on my salad. Who gives a fuck wit i. I'm like i'm talking painful. Who cares i mean. People listen to talk for hours on this thing. So and then she goes. Oh yeah also. He was an atv accident last week. So he's a little banged up right now. So i'm okay. I mean we're fucking pulling in as i'm being pulled this so i get in there. And he's everything as advertised on top of the fact that he probably just did a big bowl of wolf. Because this guy didn't shut the fuck up for thirty five fucking minutes so as soon as i sit down in the chair. He's like well. How do you wanna style. I said why. I want it shorter on the sides. I wanted to blend it up to the top. And i wanna leave the length and the top. I said i do like to get my neck. Cleaned up with the with the clipper though the you know the because okay perfect. We'll do that before we wash your hair awesome. He literally got at the back of your head where sometimes it goes into a little bit of a point he just literally goes takes the point off and then he and then he grabs his scissors out and the and the brush and i said now i'm on my fucking heels mcdavid coming down on me one on one work on my goddamn triangle. So i said wait you you said you were going to wash it before we start cutting us like. Oh yeah so. Then we walk over for him to for gas or now fucking reminding him of his job. Okay so. I don't know if i said he took a couple of key. Tokes whatever it was so we walk over to to to to get my hair washed. I haven't sos moms half black. That's one thing that i inherited was. I very very thick hair so he puts down this chair and proceeds to spray the the water gun at my head for five seconds so basically one strand. My hair is wet no bounces off. It hit him right back in the face of at least five minutes on your head. My hair is actually the damn. My hair is actually drier. Than when i sat down so he put shampoo ruin proceeds to shampoo my head for about five to ten seconds. Sprays my head for another five seconds puts conditioner in starts rubbing my head for about five to ten seconds sprays it for five seconds all right. We're good to go. That's supposed to be like an eight-minute experience when you get in your hair washed at the in listen. Do i need a full scalp massage. No but wash my hair properly and get it ready to go and get the full thing wet so you can cut it with i am. I'm like shaking at this point. Walking back the see. And i as i said he's gone me on my heel so i can't abort the mission at this point i'm walking back and i run my hands or my hair shampoo and conditioner in the palm of my hand so i sit down and and he just starts blowing on mind you katie sitting right next to me. And she can kind of see sums up. He cuts one side of my hair and throw the picture up again. He cuts the one side twenty times. He's blogging on cuts. Little off the top cuts the other side about two or three times and then he starts styling it with his fingers a little bit. You goes how do you like it. And katie stands up. She goes. I think she knows. I'm gonna fuck in a lose at when we leave this place concern because she could see the look so she goes to the side. We're only caught a couple of times. She needs to take a little bit more office side so he starts cutting a few more times and then and then she's like and she starts chime in. I said nope looks great..

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