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I'll tell you. I'll tell you'll tell me I'll tell Danny trae hill. Next. Hey, it is monster night tomorrow at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum as the Los Angeles Rams host the Dallas Cowboys and one of the guys you always see at Rams games. And he's often the guy that yells whose house is Danny trae ho Danny thanks for coming on. How are you man? Thank you. Great grades Rams by three bread seven. But they're only going to win by three. It's going to be a really tough game. But we have the two best running back to the movie. Why Guinea I said twenty eight twenty four Rams. So I'm in your neighborhood to I think it's going to be a close game that the Rams win dating to five fifteen kick. What is the appropriate time for fans to arrive at the Coliseum tomorrow in your opinion. What time should they get there? Well, I get three I'll get there at three to five clog game. I just. I liked the whole ambience of the college. You a sneak into the gutter see him fifty seven fifty when the Rams played. And so it's like to me is just Deehan there. It's like doing we get to have any vet every Saturday or Sunday when the Rams lay wait a minute for you for real you were sneaking into the Coliseum and fifty seven and fifty eight absolutely. How old you wait a minute. Are you right? You were born in echo park. Well, I I was I stayed in echo park. Lies about thirteen. And then my mom and dad to keep me out of trouble movie to coin. Yeah. It was going to say that did it work. Potentially glass. It was. In. I didn't know that that you were coming on today. And we had Bryan Cranston on earlier in the show you play Tortuga on breaking bad and your first appearance was in season to Mason. I love breaking bad to both.

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