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Listen, this is to tell the truth mind me, baby. In a park is just old yeller. The truth is the Atlanta Braves are going to climb the mountain. You get to the door, reach for the door, trip and post their kids out on the doorknob because that's where people who sport cheese do in a single Georgia. This is the town of true London right here, baby. And the Georgia board allows them Atlanta brains are just delightful. There are difficult in your life, baby. And the truth is, I've already heard it. I got sources in the program telling me. This invent Bennett owns the locker room. The team is behind stenson Bennett. You got no great receivers. Your best receiver is a walk on. I'm sorry. You just don't have to playmakers at the end of the day to deal with Alabama to deal with Ohio State or deal with Oklahoma. Ask the purple people eaters of the minnesotan Vikings who had Alan page John Marshall and a dominant and couldn't win a championship. Because they couldn't score enough. Kirby smart is still light years behind when it comes to catching up and the office of game and it'll cost Georgia at the end Paul. Now here's another truth for you, baby. Coach hairline down at all this looking good, but it's still creep off. There's still a treat. And here's another two important call. Any playoff committee that puts sensibility and you tell me if you agree with me. Any playoff committee that Cincinnati and the top four is going to have absolutely no respect from people and fans in America. Do you agree with that or not? I agree, legend, but I've watched this charade over the years, and I think they will tomorrow, but I don't think they will at the end if things go according to play. Hey, thank you for the call. Appreciate it. Frank is up next. Hey, Frank, you're on the air. Hey, Paul, how are you doing today? We are well. Thank you. That was pretty nice of legend to reference the purple people. Oh, yeah, for our fans up here in Minnesota. Absolutely. For that. But grant would be proud. Yeah, thankfully but still kicking, but he's getting up there. Is he still around? That's amazing. I'm glad to hear that. Yeah, early 90s, but still doing all right. I'm glad to hear. Just wanted to weigh in Paul on the Dan Mullen situation. Yeah, what do you think? Well, you guys had a great guest on last week that talked about leadership. And that time made a really fascinating, interesting comment when he said something on paraphrasing, but something to the fact that leaders often have a blind spot for their blind spot. Right. To me, that Dan Mullen, his blind spot is he doesn't handle pressure very well. And his blind spot is he doesn't understand that weakness. So as he goes along his behavior week the week gets very inconsistent, he gets very defensive, very prickly. His press conference has become terrible. And he just digs himself deeper and deeper into his own situation with his behavior. He really can't get out from under his own his own way at times. Yeah, that was Ken Smith Meyer, who said that, and it really is one of the most interesting things I was. It really was. That was very good, but it made me think about Mullen.

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