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Independent in thoughts and punk rock in life is the chad benson show president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position she not us to our spanish rigging listeners out there that you are joining us on the jet benson show skirmishes out that was ten days ten days wasn't two weeks you couldn't make it two weeks you could not make it two weeks two weeks fourteen day man think about this for a second look how long the likes of i dunno michael flynn i think he lasted what four weeks three weeks right paribas six months longtime or there sean spicy spicer's in ho scare much not so much john kelly new white house chief of staff sogeti here i don't want you round i think you're joke you're a loose cannon and there's no credibility that you offer this administration or anything at all to the american people he didn't want to burden general kelly also with that line of succession died general kelly has the fourth already and to operate within the white house in all staff will report must respect map rpi the march was gone like that think about that guy what around but two weeks two weeks everybody had something to say about the merge everybody had some the somewhere to chime in susan collins talked about over the weekend the president certainly has the right to choose from every once but i certainly hope that is new communications director strikes the different tone benny has sent his first week on the job yeah well you don't have to worry about that as mrs sarah huckabee sanders juan de as lopez tells us here but he does not have a role at this time now trump administration and we put out a satan earlier announcing that and i don't have much of what else is there to save with your two weeks even packets boxes because it was poor management poor management no this wasn't a brilliant idea to get rid of rights prediced inge in and you know sean spicer spicer said look if you or the man you're right i'm the man i run everything it's my ship i'm the dude who does it all i am this a buck stops with me i'm the greatest of all time did you read my book greatest book ever wrote the bible actually to tie every you know this this stuff you get then you don't.

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