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Cameo just wanted to tell you european shit dude and you suck at your job so They're going to have to let you go. We're gonna we're gonna wind fire and dude i would. I would laugh hysterically. i would laugh hysterically. It'd be like. I just lost her job from tomsk era. Still a great day. Maybe maybe we should start that app. Maybe we should start an app where people could hire celebrities to fire their employees. So it's not so bad dad. That's not a bad idea. It's funny and then it takes a liability causes are but it off the business and dude tops girl would fuck it. Roast me while firing. Here's the thing. But i would love it so much in and doing the stand up comedy thing and and diving into stand up comedy. I've learned more more about other comedians. So there's like certain comedians. I wouldn't want to do to fire me because it's almost like an analyst like i know them personally but it's like i know just from like where they stand on certain things and like how they are with people and things like that would make them like feel bad means are so like i feel like thomson girl wouldn't care no. Tom probably wouldn't care. I feel i feel like bert. Kreischer would probably feel bad. Yeah i i know for. I know for a fact bobby lee would woodfuel at. Yeah andrew santino. Probably not so much. Crista leah not so much. I don't think so i think crystal you'll be like you fire. Dude what like you sucked so much that they hired me two fires a fire us. They're paying me so they'll have to pay you. Yeah that would be people like yeah. I could see that. I wouldn't give a shit so Okay so yeah definitely be a comedian. Yeah i don't know who. Though i think okay you know what the funniest gilbert godfrey on cameo they.

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