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Growing limbs in the area how they were growing limbs of why we get beautiful beautiful art i love scene deodato just draw wolverines kudrow going nuts on you know these nick clan members and then we've got these really cool seen with ninjas so the hand in just scaling the issue a court tower which is so cool yup on the hand ninjas are coming with gortat goryan gorge you always love seeing gordon and i love the way mike deodato draws gorgan i can't put my finger quite on what it is i love about aung silkysmooth her that's definitely one part of it but i just the way he does mask and everything doubter does a killer version marriage for that and i liked him now also say just while a bomb party interrupting him before you get back to your narrative i liked the way that old man logan sounds like wolverine which is the few steps off like ebersohn does very subtle things a he has a little bit more tired a little bit more worldweary which seasons essay will resigns joint sunshine he's pretty worldweary her to begin with hake leads outlook hurry but oldman logan each a nice job of making him his own character but also giving you that classic wolverine adventure frith feel totally uh we got a big cool throwdown between silver sammarai now hand gorgan and the introduction of the scarlett summer so uh yet taken it and i told you who's crowds summarize yet no okay i won't rule.

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