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Live in greater harmony with nature and we can use our brains to lead a light ecological footprint and thirdly the resilience of nature if nature a chance and she'll take over a place we've destroyed and finally the indomitable spirit the people who tackle what seems impossible it would give up quite often succeed if entry. Even it's not in their lifetime and is that what continues. This must be a strange time for you. I know i was talking to sean about this that you are. It's incredible how much you travel and you're still. I've heard of our three hundred days a year. Obviously not now is is doing this. We're doing this remotely via zoom. How does that feel now to have been experiencing this pandemic to have been home and to have been continuing your work but in this this type of way what what is what is this like for you now. Well i missed a contact with people. I met my friends a virtual hug. Gora virtual toast same the real thing and It's much more exhausting. You know it's nonstop since my zoom today and the while along call after supper. 'cause comme now exists among the you know the silver lining i breach millions more people in many many more countries than they could have if i was traveling. Just look you have to do. This is probably a silly question. But but dr goodell is it Are you able to zoom with the with chimps are chimps able to do something like this. Oh no it's had to one of our stank tweet chimps with me by end. They would be to recognize people on on a screen. So oh they would you. Could you could do it. But that must be contact that you really miss two chimps. What was your earliest memory in terms of gravitating towards animals. The way that you have in in terms of beginning that that passionate you have. I was born that way my i i. I do well if not memory but mom told me that when i was one and a half she came up to say goodnight. She got all these earthworms and my bed with older earth and everything and shane. You're looking so intently that he looked so you were wondering how do they move without legs but anyway being a wonderful mother supportive mother. She didn't get mad older mask. She just said we'd take them into the garden because they'll die. We need them kia. Wow so you were always even as just fascinated wanting to know how they everything you could know about them you wanted to do. You have pets. did you have Were you just always around them. Were you always exploring. Well we had was always a dog and a cat. And then when i got older the guinea pigs in the hamster we have rescued tortoises. That listen piloted but you out and we got a big garden here. I'm actually in the house where i grew up. And you know the trees. I used to climb. So i was that. What can squirrels and birds insects. I love butch insects right in the beginning. I don't know just met way. Wasn't that incredible. And then at what and your mother was. Also the one that encouraged you. That told you this is a beautiful story that you talk about how she said you're you're gonna have to work a little bit harder Because women at that time You know that wasn't a path that was really possible women Could you talk about that. And how How she encouraged you to set out on that path. Well it'll began really when i read tauzin aged ten. I wasn't a fan. But i was really jealous. Is jade anyway contract. So that was when my dream began will grow up. Go to africa live with wild animals and write books them and everybody loved. You know africa's far away you don't have a we didn't have money and posted was during world war two. So and your jessica calls. Don't do that sort of thing back then. When i was ten nobody was going out. Living with wild animals watching them. Nobody not even men so it was mom who said if you really want this sort of thing guy have to work really hard take advantage of every opportunity a maybe if you don't give up find a way. So that's how she encouraged may by not temping knee down. It's incredible and then jane detrick. How did you come to know dr leaky. Who who invited you to to go to africa for the first time no. I was invited by school. Friends parents divorced in kenya. I had to save up money. What can a hotel around the corner bath as a waitress until i saved enough money. It didn't go to university because we couldn't afford it. And so i got out with my friend than somebody said jay. If you're interested in animals he should make louis leakey so. Although i was very shy i was so excited my cold up and i said could i speak to dr deke. Said i'm leaky. What you want. He hated the rude so plucking. Mike courage i said. Can i talk to you about animal Anyway he said yes. And i read it breath i could and i think he was impressed by what i did know muslim much to learn in those days so he took me on As his secretary to start win. So i think gradually he realized that was the person he'd been looking for a chimpanzee. I would have studied mice anything to be while. Oh i wondered. Yeah i wondered what it was about so it just happened to be because he his it was that his focus on the time he was searching for the fossilized remains of early humans. And fussell you can tell a lot about what the creature look like and how it moves muscle attachment. Swear on the gives you an idea of the diet but behavior doesn't post lights so he thought well years ago that was an apelike human like common ancestor to.

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