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Washington dc today laura bicker is all sold correspondent laura do we know what is in the letter that is being carried to donald trump today wouldn't we love to know what's in that letter and i think there are a number of people speculating as to the content of the letter but what we do and what kim jong il has said within the last twenty four hours and who he said it too and that is to sergei lavrov the russian foreign minister he made a visit to pyongyang he is the first senior russian official to visit their sincere since kim jong came to power and he said that he was committed to denuclearization of the korean peninsula but he wants a stage by stage process the slower process as opposed to what the us wants which is more rapid disarmament so the two do not seem to be in the same page a toll yet who knows how the talks are going on behind the scenes but it is interesting if you look at the front page of the north korean newspaper today there's that picture of a smiling kim jong shaking the hand of sergei lavrov are having a knows that he's going to visit mosque go by the end of this year and have a summit with ladimir putin the message to the us if you don't deal with me i have others who might on presumably every major of kim jong un or indeed his allies meeting important people from the united states from russia from john every single one is a propaganda gained fame yes i mean he looks like the global leader global statesmen there have been so many pictures of him with mike pompeo with president gee with president moon now he's going to have one with vladimir putin all of this making him look like the global statesman and much of this is down to.

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