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It also has an upstairs mez Cal room. I don't love meds Cal. But it was cool to go up there and experienced this little attic room as well. So Whistler's you could go you could get any type of drink you want. But if you want to experience Mets cow or you just want to check it out just go up to the second four, and it's this little. Intimate attic room where they specialize in Moscow. Very cool another place that we went to was easy tiger, which that's always had the ping pong tables. And it's kind of like a German beer garden. You can get pretzels and sausages in German style food like that. And it's definitely a cool spice, especially if you want they have like an outdoor space, and that's where the ping pong tables are through just wanna hang out somewhere. Casual right for groups again, all three of these first places where slurs easy tiger. And then Speakeasy which we went to this last time when we at travel calm, actually rented out Speakeasy, the whole building for the last night party, which was awesome. It has three levels to it. It's right downtown I level they had like a bar and live music second level. They had a two lane bowling alley and like a mezzanine area that you can look over the first level, which was cool. And then the third level was the rooftop deck. We went to his really nice to hang out on specially because us it has usually such fantastic. Weather so the places that do have an outdoor space. You can really utilize it a lot of the year. Yeah. And there are again, I keep saying this. But there are a lot of places to be outside. Speakeasy though was one of the neatest that I think we've been too when it comes to these rooftop experiences. It's just it was a cool vibe. So although I do love the next one on our list AB gbi, which is a brewery, and they have tons of outdoor seating. In fact, the only time that we've we've been there two or three times and every time we've sat outside they have really good food that you can order a pizza and then have some of their beer. It's an awesome place. I really really like AB AB JB's also south of the lake ABC stand for Austin beer, garden brewing. So kind of a weird name. But yeah, and I can never I could never remember until I figured out what it stood for if it was like AG BG or AB AB. Yeah. The beers pretty good especially because they've been on the scene for a little. While and the pizza is fantastic. Saint elmo's is a little further afield. We went to that Perry. It was not my favorite when we went. But I've heard and but we went when they had just opened. I've heard it's gotten much much better. So Saint elmo's we actually had to checking out. Yeah. We had to drive to them was pretty hard to find you're going to like this bunch of industrial parks. But it was again, a cool vibe they had outdoor stuff to do like most place Austin, you know, cornhole and things like that to other ones, and I think probably my favorite breweries in Austin..

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