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After 27th Avenue, blocking your right lane onto Miami Dade roadwork on the turnpike South phone on the ran from the Shula that on ramp is closed. I'm Ricky was so news radio 6 10 W. Y o D. Little cooler here for the end of the week. A few clouds around ever made kind of a West breeze picking up across South Florida lows in the upper sixties. Clouds around to begin Thursday. The mainly sunny, breezy north winds are high in the mid seventies with updates around the clock on South Florida's severe weather station on the Weather Channel's mark to veto a news radio 6 10 w. Y o D. Public's will open more vaccine appointments Friday after all of Wednesday's appointments were filled up in under two hours. The portal on public vaccine website will reopen Friday morning at six. More than 260 stores are now doubling his vaccine sites, including locations and Mary in Brevard and Volusia County's proof of permanent or part time Florida residency is required at all stores. The latest numbers from the state Health Department show, Florida added more than 8400 new cases of the coronavirus Wednesday. The state now exceeding 1.6 million infections since the start of the pandemic. Court documents obtained by NBC six show that the leader of the far right extremist group, the Proud boys worked undercover for the city of Miami Police back in 2013 36 year old Henry Enrique Torrio was an informant after he was arrested on federal fraud charges. Torrio denies ever working with police. Former U. S attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Kendall Coffey tells NBC six If you're in the proud boys, you've got to be pretty nervous because if this personal was working as a confidential informant almost like An undercover agent or a secret agent for law enforcement..

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