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If possible to to reduce the chances of players doing it we saw high profile hold out with Ezekiel. Elliott this year that worked out for him in other one. We're seeing Melvin Gordon here. That obviously obviously hasn't worked out for him yet. Teams are looking down the road. If you're the New York giants saquon Barkley in two years could be in the exact same position Ezekiel Elliott just was and you don't WanNa be in a position from where you don't have him for training camp so it's it's another issue of control right. It's not money it's control owners. Versus players and the owners in this case are seeing some control erode because of the success of these player holdouts and the willingness of these players to engage in them and they want to do something to discourage and we talk about control. You're also talking about players now. Demanding Trades Allah Jalen Ramsey says he's sick we should acknowledge that but Adam silver's dealing with this in the NBA and he says it's a scourge scourge. How are they looking at it in the NFL well yeah if it got to the point where the that's their fear is that it turns into the NBA where players can go wherever they want but I mean I think the genie's out of the bottle here I mean players understand their value on a level that they didn't use to and they recognize their power on a level that they didn't use to and if you're a star player you have some leverage and we're seeing guys is flex it. I don't think the owners will succeed. In getting draconian penalties for holdouts put into the next day and I don't think they'll succeed in convincing star players that they have to stay put just because that's what their contracts says Dan. Thank you for joining us. I pleasure thank you. We were able to exercise some right here. Get your free right here just in case now turning into basketball Monday the NCAA level charges against the University of Kansas and it's basketball program including longtime coach bill self the NCAA says Kansas is guilty of a lack of institutional institutional control language for serious violations. Bill self came out swinging response this statement saying in part no secret that there's tremendous tremendous pressure on the NCAA to respond to the Federal Court proceedings involving college basketball in its haste and attempt to regain control the enforcement staff has created a false narrative regarding knee me and our basketball program for more we welcome ESPN senior writer Mark Schlabach Mark. We can talk about bill sells define in response the response from the school itself very much the same terms of tone absolutely seating no ground here whatsoever. What does that tell us. It's about the way they're going to approach this over the course of the ninety days they have to respond Jerry. It's clear Kansas has bill selves back. They Avid coaching staff back. I think there is some skepticism not only Kansas but other places around the country that the is actually gonNA come after a blue blood programs program like the Jayhawks in the past the enforcement staff the committee on infractions as an shown a lot of teeth when it came to the most successful programs most accessible coaches inches like bill self and I think given what transpired with North Carolina with the academic standing on the lack of penalties in that case I think it is involved in a lot of schools data coaches directors to your father. Does this speak to a strategy as you suggest that look. They're not going to touch us. We mean too much then the NCAA right now is in perhaps in historically precarious position being assaulted on all sides whether you're talking about the courts sports the FBI you're talking about if not the NCAA itself but it schools in the policies at those schools. We've got legislatures. New York and California trying to pay athletes elites is feeling perhaps on the part of the schools that the NCAA's week and we don't have to bend now but I think there's an assault on amateurism the amateurs model I think there's been a massive shift in public perception that these kids should beginning paying in some cases regardless of getting out Howard getting paid you know see where it goes with these new laws in states across the country but you know talking to coaches which is around the country. They tell me you know if rules are in place we have to follow the rules for nothing else competitive balance and I think we're GONNA you know I. I think we'll just have to wait and see is not. Nothing's GonNa come to an end anytime soon. Kansas and the other schools involved in this probably aren't going to get in front of the committee on infractions until you'll next summer or a spring twenty twenty. There's a lot of silk play out if the school continues to back him to the hilt is bill self safe here are his assistant safe bill sell safe as long as they don't get hammered aw made it clear that they're going to support him and they don't think that he was intimately involved in these payments to players. There is no proof that he was was involved. There are text messages between he and Adidas consultant. TJ Gas Nala says any real guys. You can infer what you want with with that but you know it's GonNa be interesting because it's a it's an interesting strategy by insane forces staff suggested the Adidas consultants like Tj Gas Nola were boosters for Kansas. Jayhawks attorneys are GONNA attack that argument as well and of course because of the time line here. We're not expecting any ramifications on the upcoming season for the Jayhawks expected to be one of the best teams in college basketball mark. Shaw aw we always appreciate your insights. Thanks for joining us when we returned the NFL's policies on domestic violence again in the news this time though the the subject is how it screens coaches when it comes to hiring you don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified. The five candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot. COM POST A job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard word and when you need to hire fast accelerate your results with sponsor jobs new users can try it for free at indeed dot com slash outside. That's indeed dot com slash outside aside terms conditions and quality standards apply outside the lines is brought to you by Corona Rona premier lower carbs lower calories higher expectations enjoy the view mm-hmm. Here's more stuff to matters Russia once again in jeopardy of being excluded from major sports events including the twenty twenty Olympics the World Anti Doping Agency giving Moscow three weeks to explain inconsistencies including deleted information in data submitted by Russian lab as part of the process of Russia's reintegration after three or suspension for state sponsored doping and more than a half century after being vilified for raising their fists on the medals podium. It's Mexico City Olympics protesting protesting racial oppression Tommie Smith and John Carlos golden bronze medalist in the two hundred meters will be inducted the US Olympic and Paralympic Hall of fame. The two who former sprinters will be inducted November I along with the rest of the class of twenty nineteen which also includes Lisa Leslie Apollo Anton Ohno and the nineteen eighteen ninety eight. US Olympic women's ice hockey team also in the b-block today new USA Today report about the NFL and how team screen coaches for allegations ends of domestic violence or more precisely how summit failed to do so this of course against the backdrop of the League's insistence that it will hold players accountable in the post ray Rice Erin for more. We're joined by Rachel accent. She is the reporter who wrote this story and reported it for USA Today. Rachel what what is your reporting uncover about the due diligence that's taking part in the league and with individual teams certainly certainly showed that it seems to be lacking we looked into the backgrounds of NFL coaches in the league last year and we found issues with domestic violence easy easy to spot in public records and we don't did not find an excuse me a lot of due diligence on the part of the team's perfect example Schuyler Fulton who you you showed was a receivers coach for the bucks last year. He had an arrest for domestic violence. The charges were later dismissed after he completed a pretrial diversion in but the records in that case indicated multiple women expressing fear of him that he had had threatening behavior in then in two thousand sixteen exte- a few years later he was working Juku and the school there was warned about behavior that was similar to that yet when he was hired by the bucks a a few months later they don't seem to have called the coach that he worked for their and we know at least two of the women named in those records contacted as well it we're talking about. We're not just talking about a couple of examples. You wrote about several examples in your reporting again in this story in USA. Today and you ask the League you you went to Park. Have you so to speak and ask them well. What do you have to say about. These guys getting hired despite this in their backgrounds. What did they say. What was the response well. Of course we asked for Commissioner Roger Goodell he was the one who five years ago in that press conference in the wake of the where he writes case promised League would do more that it had a role to play here. They declined our interview requests for him. Ryan McCarthy a spokesman for the League told us that the vetting of coaches is entirely up to the teams they know so that they should be vetting them but how they do that there's no role for the NFL to play Brian McCarthy said I asked. Is there any sort of guidance or policy. There is not so the League has taken a very hands off approach in this area well beyond saying that it's up to the teams and they should be doing the vetting if they asked us. We'll so help them. Out was any anything else expressed about. Perhaps this isn't the way it should be done. These guys shouldn't be getting jobs in the NFL bill. Well our question was how much did they seek to know this. We don't know the answer because the team's avoided talking to us and then how did they assess it every every expert that we talked to on domestic violence including Rita Smith who is an advisor to the league said it would be best practice for these teams to seek and know as much information as they can and then they can make an assessment. Is this someone we want to be part of it. We're GONNA sation how they dealt with these issues.

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NFL, League, Kansas discussed on Outside the Lines

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