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To me a you know not only did he do really well in a field but this is someone who was a baseball savant absolutely on the air and you're right about pretty freeman i've ever ask on the clubhouse one day who replaces you any he gave me a kind of a quizzical look and he said heavy have you seen pretty freeman meaning knowing that really seen ready for even yet but chipper had seen him and he said this is gonna this guy's got to replace me he's fabulous waiting to see him and he's absolutely right mark sharon told me recently chipper is a smart series ever been around and it's just in eight east guided he can see things you understand things wake quicker than the average player and that on top of tremendous ability is how you get ninety seven percent of the vote the guy who is most emotional outwardly at the time of the call was jim told me uh that doesn't surprise me either team given his personality and how much he understands what this means to his family yeah is this is great i'm so happy in curriculum telling me and he's such a playful guy he said he told me the story like ninety years only live and outsized chicago he gets go to a game with his parents at wrigley field and somehow naive totally sneaks past security and gets into the cubs out like five minutes before the start of the game and he goes up dave kingman and he goes no my favorite glare i want to grow up it'd be just like you and came as we will not great sounds a war started to game here at them as you gotta go so they have to escort him out of the drug out it went back and sat was his parents and then went on a bit basically almost two hundred more homers dave kingman and to meet at least is one of the elite low the ten best first baseman of all time and a guy i'm really really excited for trevor hoffman i was covering the san diego padres for the san diego uniontribune in 1993 when they traded form when randy smith's uh was very heavily criticized.

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