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To be clearing. There are delays. In Bedford on 1 83 responded. Brown Trail. A stall is reported with delays from Norwood with CALIF. Traffic on the vibes. I'm Bill Jackson meteorologist Brad Barton. After topping out at 99 degrees, the last two days in a row. We're gonna be right up there again today, but the humidity is not quite as oppressive near 99 today. The forecast Heat stress Index of around 103 for a few hours this afternoon. Still, please take it easy outside today, lots of water shade and light clothing. Hello near 75 Tonight. 1999 again tomorrow on Thursday. We could accidentally touch 100 sometime this week. No rain likely through the weekend, but highs and lows may draw back just a couple of degrees from the L I f W b A P. Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Brad Barton. Right now. We do have clear skies at 73 in Plano, 76 in Dallas and 76 in Fort Worth six minutes after six o'clock now Texans being asked to conserve energy to relieve an overwhelmed power grid. That's right. It's not even summer. Yet Officially the request from ERCOT comes just months after forced outages during February's deadly winter storm, leaving millions of Texans In the dark and in the cold, ER, cots. Warren last year says a high number of repairs to generators is partially to blame their maybe conditions on some of those plants stemming from the extreme weather that we had earlier in the year, but it's it's not clear at this time. Help conserve energy market is asking Texans to set thermostats to 78 degrees or higher and turn off lights and appliances when possible. Meantime, as temperatures soar, the Presbyterian Night shelter in Fort.

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