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A few resources that i really love and use a lot are the google ventures spring book that has been something that i've i've loved a lot and have had a lot of our team of read and use include key question there is figuring out what is the right answer using that tool i think it's very powerful tool to use i think along the lines of design thinking you talked about how what an important aspect design is both in terms of the product built here but also how we how we build our own product i love the book that design of everyday things that grim and i think that that's a really extraordinarily book to read i also really love the wave that sometimes books are articles can help facilitate conversations between teams that might be otherwise hard to have so a few examples that come to mind we've had sometimes teams that are struggling with figuring out the right way to apply stand up to their process right they're they're getting standups but they're not working all that well article that i left recommend there is it's not just standing up by martin fowler and one of the things that i found that has worked really well with teams when everyone reads this article about challenges that can occur in standups it can help sometimes under earth some of the towns that they're having or maybe somebody even the challenges that are head of them in this really kind of low risk way of talking about some of these problems that i found really affected for camps just a very quickly implement change another example of that is things for the feedback which is a book about the art of receiving feedback and for teams that are having difficulty having some of these hard conversations having actually people together read this book and having that opportunity to really safe space around hey can we do this differently and change dynamic literature could be really help more practical leadership tips in the midst of a practical recommended resources thank you last question i feel like i want to sound effects too is there a personal or professional mantra or philosophy that you use to kind of guide you are in the world either either in the world more realistically or or certainly here as a leader in squarespace i wouldn't call it a mantra sorts but one thing that i think has certainly influenced me a lot has been losing my mother who passed away last year at an early age and and who was sick for quite a while before that and i think one of the things that that has made me always think about is that life is short and it's important to focus on what's really important to not lose perspective of that and i think that is true in both my personal and professional life what is the what are the problems that you should we care about volving do the people that you care about know that you care about them both at work and home and i think just continuing to make sure they always have that perspective around what what's truly important beautiful closer natalie gibraltar squarespace thank you.

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