Randy Yedinak, Anthony Gay, Enoch discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


Randy yedinak never agreed to an interview But we did go back and forth on email Yet Enoch said he thought the issue of Anthony gay didn't play a huge role in the election And to be fair reading newspaper articles and social media from the time it does seem like there were lots of other issues Local police didn't think up was friendly enough with law enforcement People characterized him as stubborn not willing to cooperate with others in the criminal justice system Which I can believe that adds up for someone willing to do what he did on the Anthony gay case In the end Apophis pummeled He lost 60 to 40 Do you think that the Anthony gay thing had enough influence on the race that it made a difference It's hard to say It's hard to say It was a big voting block With that union And that it wasn't just the union also because that anti law enforcement sentiment or he's not going to stand up for officers also trickled over into regular law enforcement And so So you're not sure if the race would have been different in Anthony gay not have happened One way or the other No I don't know It at least in my opinion it at least would have been a lot closer I may not have won that election anyway I don't know We'll never know So after all this happens in the state's attorney's race did your way you felt walking around town change I mean this is your hometown Did it change the feeling at all Nobody likes to lose And to lose publicly I mean politics is rough It's a rough business And especially as a prosecutor you're elected to make the tough decisions to make the tough calls And if that means that someday you're not in that spot then so be it And politics there's no justice in politics A puff said if he had to do it again it still worked to recalculate gay sentence But he'd be more diplomatic about the whole thing Reach out to the union maybe work on his talking points So the press coverage was better He thinks if people would have understood that he was just following the rules They'd see how he was truly a Law & Order guy Not some enemy of law enforcement But honestly I'm not sure if that's true I don't think a puff story is about how he failed to explain things well enough I think it's a story about how Law & Order isn't really what the prison system is run on At least not Law & Order.

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