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This kind of disciplinary interdisciplinary Expertise building this kind of comes back to what what john was talking about. Also with tending to prematurely automate our comfort level with some concepts and notions right. But this is what i want one of the most beneficial things that you can do is come to the place where it is automated where you don't where it doesn't with some concept like let's say inference you're reading and you read the word inference where that concept does not provide friction and slow you down and make you have to think right bring in your system To type two type thinking process your executive functioning processes. You wanna be able to have that automated so that then you can use that and it just brings into the foreign continues in the stream of your thought. I don't know if i had a question For that. But maybe just asking you john if you think you know because that is kind of the goal of being a renaissance person right and you you see this as antiethical to what's actually happening insci- i guess that's a question. Yeah i mean. I think one has to distinguish little bit between you know. Renaissance person really means A number of interlocking things one is sort of this polymathic implication right the last person to know everything right the other one is to Realize that there is a great benefit to being interested in the humanities if are scientists and vice vessel right and the is just a particular as i said before intellectual critical stunts that you take with respect to everything that you do and then not unrelated in so much more likely in my view take a critical stance if you happen to be curious in an across a number of domains right so I'm always struck by reading in the times. Mystery supplement very cogent. Quite short book review..

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