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Iran taking ownership for the missile attack on a Ukrainian civilian plane your top stories coming up but first your accu weather forecast W. G. Y. accu weather forecast swallowing patches of fog early today will be mainly cloudy breezy and mild with showers this afternoon I fifty eight that would break the record of fifty seven from nineteen seventy five cloudy tonight rain late temperatures stay in the fifties swarm to start tomorrow with a shower high sixty four breaking the record of sixty three by the afternoon some sunshine windy and colder with your accu weather forecasts I'm bill decker on newsradio eight ten and one oh three one W. G. Y. fifty five and cloudy at newsradio eight ten and one of three one W. G. why our top story Iran is now taking ownership for the missile attack on a Boeing plane that killed over one hundred people earlier this week boxes Greg pal caught with the details there is a new moon here today as we get the new word from a Ron we have been hearing sadness and anger at the amazing climb down overnight by the Iranian regime which had been claiming for two days this tragedy was not its fault now after a whole lot of international pressure they do say they are responsible for the downing of the plane one hundred sixty three seventy six people on board there describing the launch of their missile as a disastrous mistake in a tweet Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif still trying to do a little bit of blame shifting now he's writing that it was.

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