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Here he is maybe he was one of the maybe he was one of the pit crew that was number seven i think was morris on the lineup there and of course joining us as well as someone who's speaking of which uh since i been away from the rha p b and b this week i hear she's been renting out the space play a weekend long game of pants down bottoms up liana boris liana how are you i'm great that is by far my new favorite game and i'm excited to play it every weekend it's like a good basic test of memories so it's a pretty you know barebones game to play yeah if they cushing some perspectives if they had that on luminosity or whatever that like memory app is it's supposed to help your memory i would definitely play they need a different version of that oh my god yes how candy crush does all these like theme ing apps that are marrying sonnet like i feel like they could do a repulse drag race version of of the memory game i don't know brent you feel like that has selling potential definitely i think that anything the rupaul what's her name on people will buy and men's but rupaul just put your names on men's butts i think that's the solution that we're working towards here let's talk about this episode overall we got rid of this big character in the victim and again i really wanna think amonte adequate for coming in last week giving his perspective on everything inclusive and exclusive we got some really great feedback from his appearance as well so hopefully we'll get to have him back soon but yet really had a fun time talking with them on.

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