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It's different Jack Abilene is chief investment officer at crescent wealth advisors. I mean, I actually see no recession incite, particularly in the US. And I think the actions are really undercutting a lot of the confidence that investors have with the people running the show the Dow industries dropped six hundred fifty three points in a holiday-shortened trading session. Stocks last traded at this level in mid twenty seventeen Warren Levinson. New York Bethlehem is welcoming its biggest influx of Christian pilgrims in ages. Tourism officials say hotels are packed and they're expecting some ten thousand people in the city one pilgrim from Los Angeles says quote, this is. Been number one on my bucket list. There's no better place to be as a Christian. It takes me back to all the rich stories. I heard growing up to be at the center of my faith. It's joyous. It's unbelievable. The death toll from the weekends in NAMI and Indonesia's climbed the three hundred seventy three with nearly fifteen hundred injured Asia's disaster agency in southern Huntington. Eight others were missing in the disaster in more than six hundred homes many hotels, and then to souls and more than four hundred ships are damaged the number of casualties may still rise. Nami was not huge and did not search far inland. But it's force was destructive. The ways washed ashore along western Java. Southern Sumatra islands Saturday night following will Cannock eruption thousands of soldiers police and government personnel as well as volunteers are working to find victims of this NAMI, I'm Sarah shaklee once again on Wall Street.

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