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Mercedes dominate at this is Dan Patrick. Wow we're knee deep in a heated conversation about just how good the Sitcom fringes or not good Sitcom is i. I just saw where. HBO is spending a Billion Dollars for the Big Bang theory. Is that right Matthew report seeing the Hollywood reporter Big Bang Theory said staggering multibillion dollar. HBO Streaming Deal. I Love Jim Parsons. I do well. He's one of the nicest people I've ever met. I've never sat through an episode of Big Bang Theory Dude. You can't say that allowed I can. I can't and yes he. You're not alone okay I. I Love Jim. Parsons not not totally not enough to watch twenty two minutes. It's of his work not enough to support him. Apparently I know and I feel bad about that. Every time he'd come on in the back of my mind I'm saying I don't watch Big Bang theory. He's I watched our show before. He got to know us not have an obligation. Yes yes see when we first started having him on and I I love Jim too. I think he's one of the nicest guys ever but everybody kept saying like you would get like tweets and all this stuff about Zinger and I was like I don't know I knew what that meant and he was so nice when they did their one hundred episode. He sent me the script with everybody's autographs on it. Yeah Paulie. I think our relationship Parsons officially over well. No I think he he understands that. I liked him like full Pestano. I loved you. Oh I still do and he's very talented but at at the time we wouldn't have booked Jim Parsons from the Big Bang theory right we just wouldn't he was on Leno. He went on Jay Leno and said that he wanted to be a de. Dan for a day and of course the audience had no idea what he was talking about and neither did Jay but we heard about it and I said fritzy reach out to Jim Parsons and he does cousin all of a sudden Jim joins. US came in studio a couple of times. We went out to dinner. I mean Yeah I. I'm not only did he. It mentioned that he wants to be identified. The days then he went on to mention each one of us knew by name on the tonight show with Jay Leno which is insane every time that he would get ready to film Big Bang Theory reheat watch the show in the morning and he said I just I wanted to be part of a group like that. Yes mclovin so chuck. Lori is a creator of Big Bang theory. He did two and a half men Darmon Greg. How much that is the business we also have gone into. He's gotTa be worth five hundred billion. I mean millions and millions and millions of dollars not as worth. It's not worth as much as David Kelly Dick Wolf. He's allowed orders on yes and you know what I've never watched an episode of law and order and there's a different law and order Memphis. There's all the offshoots I I haven't watched CSI. You've never watched law and order. No it's pretty good especially early early ones Svu Zelin. It is yeah yeah. I know I never watch any of those shows. I like her now. Who is her mom then. You have a famous mom right. Do you Yahoo is a legendary actress sometime like two police. Hey Mansfield Woo Mayo dear. Oh yeah that's serious member wasn't she in the famous photograph where is it. Sophia Loren is looking at her cleavage is Humphrey Bogart well. No He's not looking at it. It's another woman looking being at her. XFL Iran and Jayne Mansfield and she's eyeballing her oh yeah because there's another one of Humphrey Bogart and he's sitting between two women and Marilyn Monroe think he's looking down Marilyn Monroe's dress and he's got like a cigarette in his hand and he's like oh my gosh and then the girl next to him is looking at him. Like what what are you doing. Loops got me. How did we get here. Oh that's right. Friends is friends over rated know how Oh overrated as friends when I watched the off their certain shows you know. Seinfeld was just sold for five hundred million dollars. I think the net flicks I can tell you. Episodes and people will quote Seinfeld. I don't know if people talk about you. GotTa see that fringe episode like what like when Ross and Rachel Rachel broke up and got back together okay if you say the office I can give you fifteen episodes right away. Friends isn't funny. It's Fun if Light Fund with its like hanging out with a bunch of people that are Kinda good looking and kind of witty without actually leaving the house. That's what friends it's not. It's not funny. It's they're having fun though yeah so like I think Big Bang theory got that billion dollars because of this resurgence and friends right friends is having this unbelievable comeback where there's a whole generation of people that are for some reason choosing to spend their free time binge watching that show which baffles me but that clearly really has had an effect on syndication a couple of my daughters they watch friends and then I go what do you what do you see in. It and I don't know I guess they Jennifer Aniston Courtney Cox and everybody looks great but I don't I don't get it. There's not one episode where I go all my guy that one that one that add kills me like I don't but I think at the time and I talked to somebody who was part of the negotiations with friends when they were going their into their last year on TV and I think they got forty nine million dollars each but that's nothing Jim. Parsons got one hundred million. I think for the last last year of Big Bang when they were up for their first renewal contractors the story David Schwimmer one of the actors played Ross Course. I know he he got all together and I said we all stick together. We all ask for the exact same amount. Even though some are more popular than others some are more necessary than others they could always right so some one person off script and they stuck with that forever. Yes yeah that's the story I was. GonNa say that same thing and Ross as the most benefit from that that shot that he's the he's like Hey Jan.. How about this idea on you. He was a serious actor. He's Chicago Steppenwolf Theatre. He worked with various Jason than that. Of course he should be. Let's rank the friends I think as actors you tubby Ross's ahead of Joey and in net value Joey if you had to lose one like after season one. Let's say one of the six we're going to leave after season one and you're the producer of the show. I could have lost Ross Ross and Rachel. Oh yeah that defined a generation never bought that Lynch end of season one two and three. I don't think yeah I don't think so. I think we all Auger. You could have cut phoebe out of this to beat no smelly cat. She's the best actress in the group. She's had a good career. Is Aniston's Edison's a star. She's a Rockstar Lisa Krueger. Do you ever see her show. Yeah she's really good. He's also a neighbor. She was crushed it. Eh Having Aniston was part of a project that I was in your bias though yes I am I saw person right. You're beautiful and you're funny funny. You should have gotten into sitcoms instead of movies Dan. That's where you're acting career off property at my acting career. I'll write a couple of headlines here. The brand brown show those jets what they're made of. They roughed him up. There and Odell Beckham got a touchdown a war two million dollar watching warm ups. I don't know why Baker Mayfield was in there with two minutes to go. myles Garrett to beast the jets are really really really bad. Can you remember the last time you had two teams and now you've got one team. Tanking Miami's tanking and they play Dallas. I think they're twenty one and a half point underdogs the jets who aren't tanking or twenty and a half point underdogs against the Patriots. How sad is that for the jets. Now we know Miami's doing their best to tank. They have traded Minka Fitch Patrick to the steelers. I think says a whole lot about Mason Rudolph because I don't think you make that deal now. Maybe they were are in discussions with the dolphins about making fitzpatrick and then bend decided to have season ending surgery but I think this says a lot about Mason Rudolph in what they think think of his value going forward. Jalen Ramsey wants out ally. The door is open for second guessing. Should he be in there. Is he going to be in in there this weekend against Tampa and from here on out if I'm covering the giants I'm asking every single Monday with Pat Shurmur. Who's your quarterback for this next week because because he opened the door all right speaking of the steelers. Jerry Dulack covers the steelers for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. He joins US now Jerry. Let let me start with the MINKA fitzpatrick trade. Was this in the works with Ben. Still being in the lineup. Well Dan good morning. I will say this. Yes the steelers had been in search of a number three sixty because they didn't feel they had any depth at the position but then when he became available. I think what you're looking at here. Is there regular starters Sean. Davis is a free agent at the end of the year. They weren't going to to resign him. He also has a shoulder injury but I think looking at the big picture they felt they could get a player of Minka Fitzpatrick's caliber that they wouldn't get a shot at you know in the draft and what's surprised me though Dan about the deal was that is that just goes against against everything. Dan Rooney always believed in which is you never traded away a future number one that was the most surprising aspect then deal to me but why they made it beyond that the warming well. I don't know if you agree with me but I thought that they must think a lot more of Mason Jason Rudolph than most people do and maybe they feel like they got a first round talented quarterback. They're not going to take a step back. They're gonNa you know bring in Fitzpatrick metric and they're still going to compete for this division. We do agree with that and you see that that because you have to you have to feel like Rudolph can play or why. Are you making that a trade right now. Well I think the flip side. I I will agree with you in this regard. I do believe they feel that Mason. Rudolph is going to surprise. Some people both you know I'm not GonNa sit here and predict eleven and five but I think they feel they could be or should be okay with Mason Rudolph it off the flip side of that could be that because of Ben's injury they feel they need to upgrade their defense because they're going to need their defense and a running game ain't carry them through this period and and neither of which have been very solid you know here in the first couple of games so it could the case too but I will say they like Mason Rudolph and he's really progressed a lot from year to year. What is Ben's future with this team. Well you know he'll be thirty when he comes back from the injury. we shall see you know. I was told yesterday that that the you know the organization does not believe that the injuries career-threatening knowing Ben with a challenge anytime he has challenged on everything he responds spawning takes it personally and I and I believe you know I I you know history has shown me not to doubt him and so so I think that you know I think he'll come back. He's really worth the last three or four years with his nutritionist. Diet with working out. He's in the best shape be has been for the last couple. Three four years of his of his professional career is arm is as strong as ever now. After the surgery we shall see but the other guys have had this surgery and come back from it and well. We'll see how it plays out but I I believe you'll come back. He said he wants to play out his contract which takes them through twenty twenty one and and I believe talking to Jerry Dolan he covers the steelers for the Pittsburgh Post. Gazette just got word. The giants have named Daniel Annual Jones as their starting quarterback giants will be on the road in Tampa. Who Do you think the steelers look at as the team to beat in their division with the Ravens and the browns well. I really think they look at it. As you know it's proven winners and that would be the Baltimore Ravens and certainly what we've seen. In the first I two weeks you know would indicate that need strengthened their opinion so I think they always look at it that way..

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