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On in the show. My guests will be Chuck Weber executive director, the Kansas Catholic conference state Representative Randy Garber, Bruce Garin and Sedgwick county Commissioner Michael O'Donnell. And of course, we will share the results of this week's Facebook poll go over some of the headlines and take your calls at three one six eight six nine thirteen thirty. And you know, I got Fox News on here, and you just had to put up. Okay gio. What does it Alexandra stupid Cortez or whatever her name is? I don't know. But just so that that's a nice way to start off this evening. And ironically, they're talking about what we're going to talk about in the first segment here, which is we've had a lot of news this week about the green do deal. And I don't know if you've had a chance to review this thing. If you want a good laugh, if you're looking to chuckle, if you if you wanna just kinda I don't know have a have a good hardy Har Har you've. Got to go read the green new deal for those of you who haven't had the chance I figured I would take a few minutes and kind of summarized this for you. So that you can understand exactly where the left side of the political spectrum is in America today. So the most entertaining and asinine of the news stories this week's involved course, Democrats and their green new deal. It's not hyperbole by the way for me to contend that. This is likely the most ridiculous, and frankly un-american plan that has ever been presented by an elected official to voters not merely because would it necessitate essentially, a communist strongman to institute, but also because the societal costs are unfathomable it. This thing is seriously, we need the Warner Brothers. That that that that that the when you talk about this? It's looney tunes. It seriously is while some of the specifics still need to be ironed out. Of course. No shocker there. The plan's authors assure us, and I'm sure we can trust them that this quote massive transformation of our society unquote, needs some clear goals and a timeline. The timeline, of course is ten years. So let's give you some of the goals that they want to have accomplished within the next ten years number one ban affordable energy. That's right, folks. The green new deal calls for the elimination of all fossil fuel energy production, the lifeblood of American industry and life, which includes not only evil oil, but also natural gas, one of the cheapest sources of American energy, and one of the reasons the United States has been able to lead the world in carbon emissions reductions gone, forget it. It's gone. Eliminate nuclear energy. Yes, it calls for the elimination of all nuclear power, one of the only productive somewhat affordable, quote, unquote, clean energy sources available within eleven years. So right now, we've also laid off a good ten percent of the American workforce. But aside from that, I'm sure they'll find jobs for them. And we'll get to that their plan actually gets to that. This move would purge around twenty percent of American energy generation. So apparently you can rely on all the hot air coming from the democratic candidates for president from now on because you can't have coal. You can't have natural gas. You can't have gasoline, and you can't have nuclear but pedal cars, I guess we're going to have pedal cars gerbil wheels. We're going to have gerbil wheels. Eliminate.

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