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Mobile their first premier league loss of the season a catchy keg stand of strike a luke cadena on goal and leon bailey jamaican blast send. Martin scorsese the dog. Not the director. A saturday afternoon said nap first loss. Since he's been alive say he's never watched ever to lease before doubt. This for only did he did he. Rebels underway to. Look the i sixty six minutes of the kazoo twins. Darby advocated facing up to post greenish villa without a spine. It should be said terrible injuries. They've when that went. Whenever it's up the team sheet for this game people that would take in the past rich all listen. They've shameless coleman. They jordan pickford now. I guess hamas if he's still counts him. I said evertonian evidence still paying the price. For victory gauge burly richarson that foul by makovsky at the end of that will prove costly. A unpicking. shave expected to be out for two to three weeks. Big grip for a thin squad. Still evident gamely tilt the failed in that slightly Inventive the strip which looks like will. Everyone's favourite every division team and it was hammer until villa from the all threatening from some. I wanted to talk to you about some just deeply african god set pieces. They look dangerous looked inventive. They throw in a set piece coach. Gentleman austin mcface scott specialized that believe he take on the role. Fc mitchell and i honestly don't understand why more teams do not in this in this slut tiny margins of competitive advantage and world. We are living in in sports. Why they do not create more complex set pieces a as aston villa. Did in this austin mcphee. It sounds like a character from harry potter. Yeah aston villa play great football. We spoke off. The you know chelsea beat them three nail Lost we can. We can before that they were You know that they so dangerous. They that the school. I'm flattered chelsea flattered the blues the aston villa create so many chances. That's so dangerous of set pieces. And this all came to fruition against everton yeah when liam bailey came on on sixty minutes and changed everything is he tweeted when he took. The failed is going to do us. Guaranteed he's gonna do concha. Catherine the and on the young jamaican date just running rampant and especially contrasted to ever since change bringing on the unbelievably leaden-footed cumbersome gums. Who made them so much less. Mike god it was liam bailey pace. It was his ambition. It was a sudden turbo. That evidence could not match just cue. I still didn't hit me. Dave three goals.

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