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I can I get five weeks vacation. I get free petScom coupons. I got a free pet actually in the mail. This job is so great. And then like three months later. It's like, whoa. Crazy not a lot of people were going to pets dot com. So I had to Google that like petScom because I was only like what eight at the time. I think I googled about that when I was a teenager was like what happened before I was old enough to get into like any of the stuff. Yeah. It's what what what year we were. I was born in ninety one ninety one F petScom was ninety nine two thousand when they collapsed pretty much everything popu. So it's cool for us like you are born into a world where the internet existed and like I was as well. But it wasn't like used at all people didn't use the internet in the eighties, and they didn't start using it until like the late nineties, right? So I just I saw everything right? Like, we're not everything. But like when I was in school in elementary like when I was eight nine like, we had dial up. We connected to cod Netscape like before Netscape Navigator novels. Prodigy? I've never used prodigy. Shit. But go. Yeah. Like, yeah. Just watching like websites load from top to bottom just attacks. There was like animations. It wasn't CSS. It was just like raw text. Maybe a picture that was like super basic the nothing compared to like how the internet looks today is. So is so funny now that I've actually been a teacher like, I know there some days routine aren't as well planned as they are. And the art teacher fourth grade teacher wanted to introduce the internet to us, and he's like, here's the internet. We're gonna look at a picture from the internet, and I was like what is lame? And so I was that student by the way, but then like we're all staring at this very small computer screen had to be like eleven inches an eleven inch computer screen in the class over just like staring at it. Look, here's a picture of Air Force One. It took that thing like ten minutes to load up one picture of Air Force One. And it loaded up like line by line in. Thinking to myself, the internet is the worst piece of shit ever thousand a waste of day. And now looking back at as like she didn't have shit to do that day. She was like fuck when we do these kids. Oh, show them the internet. That's what I'll do. Is so terrible of I hope we never do the internet again because that was not fun. But he was. And now you can't get off. Oh my God. I'm on the internet. Probably even when I'm sleeping so. Suspending of internet all the.

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