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When he died, he was like £750. Wow. You know, and just the lungs couldn't take it. But What a life Yet he was mean. He was the biggest celebrity in Hawaii by far, I think Don ho was second, right? But everybody they would, they would announce that he would be singing at a concert. And you know, and 1200 seat arena, whatever it is, and that sell out in five seconds, And there'd be you know thousands of people outside any and they only had the one song these really popular for. He had a whole like whole back and forth with the audience. Why was watching this concert footage of him? It was like little things that he was going. I don't know what he said. And everybody else is going on. Well, there's language there. Uh, Yeah, that total cult hero. Yeah, Absolutely. It was great. All right. We have got some renters relief. If you're a renter might have some good news for you here, Right thing Dong with that rents find out what's going on. There's a lot of people, man. They're jammed by this cove. It enough enough dough to pay the rent. I totally get it believe for renters who found themselves hours away from losing their homes. The moratorium on evictions was set to expire today, but Governor Newsome extending it through June 30th. Moved bands affections for tenants who pay at least a quarter of the rent they owe. The law also uses federal stimulus money to pay off 80% of some tenants unpaid rent, but only if landlords agree to forgive the remaining 20. I think most landlords would opt in, right if if I'm wrench $2000 a month, not for 400 bucks off it and the you know the government will pick up the other 1600 Sure. Heartbeat. Yeah, they could probably write off the other 400 as well. Good money sense. But there's so many people out there renting and this really saved a lot of people. I'm in the last minute. They're you know, Governor Newsome, who has not been on the top of anyone's Christmas list in a long time, and now he's he's given the store away, right? Open up restaurants open up the school's here's rent money. Here's some more relief money, and he's trying to with cash, and I don't blame him right. He's fighting for his political life here. He's trying to get people to stop signing a petition to recall him. Because politicians know once you're re called, and if it's if it's a successful recall, and he's replaced that his political career is over. You don't come back from that The money dries up the You know the popularity drives up and then he's gonna have to go out and get a real job somewhere. What? Who might getting he's gonna work for probably some big aerospace company that he already did favors for he's going to be, you know the exact the CEO of it, making $4 million a year. Some people end up, you know, they just fail, Fail, fail upward and onward. And I think the one thing I was listening to John and Ken Show they have a pretty good Finger on the pulse of what's happening in California. The one thing you know people, they were looking the petition like I'm not gonna sign it Got busy. I got kids I got. You know, I'm trying to get by. I have a wrench Do if I get around to it, maybe a couple weeks. I'll sign it and then Governor Newsome goes out to French laundry and has a meal when he told everybody else to stay home. And people are still like, Okay. At least he admitted that he did it, not I'm not really interested in signing the petition, And then we found out he lied about the French laundry, saying it was outside when is actually inside and that's when people are like, All right. Where is that petition? Let's sign that Hang on a second. I'm gonna get the signature on that sucker were I've had enough and I think that's what what? What happened, But we had. We had said on this program a couple months ago, open up the school's open up the restaurants and get people busy again where they don't have time to sign the petition. And that might work and lo and behold, that's exactly what he did. He's trying to open this state of because he knows he's in the fight for his life. Politically and again. They're very close to getting enough signatures to recall him and then it's gonna be a messy recall because no Democrat wants to run against him in split the Democratic vote. So he's gonna be left out there alone running against, you know any kind of moderates or conservatives or independence, and it's gonna be a tough fight from and even if he wins, and you know he wins in November, and he's not recalled. Still a wounded duck. You know, there's still a stink that comes along with people having to, you know, go out there and decide whether you're going to survive or not. So it's not looking good for him, and they're very, very closely having enough signatures to put this on the ballot, and that says a lot because that's it's not just Republicans doing it, even though they lied about that saying, you know, this is AH Trump crowd. Trying to get him thrown out. It's not. It's not. It's Democrats and Republicans and its independence. Its people own businesses. And people have kids that want to go back to school, and you're preventing him from doing both. And when you say, you know you can't turn the TV has set on and treat us like Children outside. It's another 1,105,000 people going to say, Where's that petition? Where is it? Let me sign up. So let's open up the school's open up the restaurant's open up businesses. That's the only way you have to survive. The on Lee. Last option is to get people back to normal where they're busy. Too busy to sign. The petition relies on K. If I'm more now, crows Things.

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