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On a Super Bowl fifty three. They don't still by calling that game at the Superdome in New Orleans. The kit came after a controversial, no call a pass interference by referees. At some folks, they could have swung the game the other way, but the game is set. Rams patriots Sunday February third it'll be young versus veteran with twenty four year old quarterback Jared Goff, looking to lead the Rams to victory against forty one year old patriot quarterback Tom Brady Rams the comeback before they had the comeback to go into overtime yesterday and head coach Sean McVeigh says his team showed a lot of fortitude. Just so happy for these players for these coaches, but a lot of respect for the for the saints. And you know, we're excited about getting a chance to move on and playing Atlanta. Wow. That's where the Super Bowl is set to be played at the Mercedes Benz dome. The stadium there in Atlanta, Georgia nineteen Eighty-four, by the way was the year that the Los Angeles Raiders beat the Redskins to win at all the last team from Los Angeles to do that in the NFL. So who are you picking to win the big game? Live in southern California. Probably say the Rams, right? But at the moment. At the moment right now must biggest doesn't necessarily agree with you. Here's KCRW sterile Asman. The Rams open the bedding as one point favorites. But it appears most of the money so far is backing the patriots within hours the betting line shifted and the casinos now have the patriots as slight favorites. That's not surprising since New England has played in eight Super Bowls with quarterback Tom Brady winning five of them. Of course. None of this matters much to the Rams and head coach, Sean McVeigh, we got two more weeks left and see if we can end this thing with real big smiles after the next game. The last time the Rams were in the Super Bowl was in two thousand two when they were the Saint Louis Rams, and they lost to you know, who the patriots. That was a long time ago two thousand and two the Rams were heavy betting favorites over the patriots back in that game. But they fell by a score of twenty two seventeen. That was also the less time. The patriots were an underdog in the Super Bowl support for NPR comes from the Charles Stewart and Motte foundation supporting.

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