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Potential from Houston over to south western Louisiana as we go through the early morning hours and after noon tomorrow, we're talking to inch per hour rainfall rates. And then that moisture moves north of the areas that don't need it. Arkansas, missouri. And yes, even along the Mississippi River. David. Thank you would now to the deadly shooting on the US border tonight, the American who tried to drive through a busy crossing authorities say when they tried to stop him. He opened fire they shot and killed him. Here's ABC's Cup tonight. Those gunshots. Shattering the routine of one of America's busiest ports of entry all of a sudden, we had like. And I thought it was just like an eighty or fireworks or something just outside of San Diego, the semi see Joe port handles more than two million vehicles a month, but it all came to a terrifying. Standstill late Monday that Twenty-three-year-old white male driving in from Mexico, allegedly, refusing to stop at an inspection area, which includes a slow course of barriers. Instead that suspect trying to drive through the barrier into the United States officers trying to stop him suspects car eventually blocked by another vehicle. Police say that's when the suspect allegedly open fire officers say they returned fire killing him. David, investigators are still collecting evidence at the scene. Seven officers involved in the shooting. None of them was hurt. David Matt Cup in reporting tonight. Matt, thank you, the other headline involving the US and Mexico. President Trump is now facing a possible revolt from his own party over his threat to impose tariffs on Mexico. He says. Says to deal with immigration after a closed-door lunch at the capitol today. Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell said there isn't much support among his members other senators said they feared the impact on the economy and other states hours earlier right here in London. The president said Republicans would be quote, foolish to try to stop him after our broadcast here tonight. We will be traveling to Normandy to Mark the seventy fifth anniversary of d day and for weeks. Now, we have been traveling across the US to beat World War, Two veterans who were there that day they were young sons, who would change the course of history and tonight, right here, you will see the moment. Many of them meet for the first time to make that journey back together. It is a turning. They never thought they would make seventy five years later. They are returning to Normandy herald, Bickmore in Newmarket, Alabama at his uniform or part of it, there, and the entry it is diary, that fateful morning, Jim sakes, nineteen forty four invasion started seven fifteen. A M. Ing mish tan that would be all he wrote for five heroin days. I didn't have time doing interest next limbs herald at ninety four drive to the airport. He's going back. So as jet clayborn from Dyersburg, Tennessee. Herald, Himmelsbach was raised in Yakima Washington. He's knelt packing the letters he wrote to his mother just days after d day. You're right. I'll leave all the bloody details written to Leo. Brother, brother, tell him herald with descriptions of war. He thought only a brother should hear Vinson Unger from Orlando, Florida, and is my baby, my ship Vincent.

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