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App shootings this morning at a high school in rural kentucky abc's aaron katersky with the latest kentucky state police said one person was killed and several others wounded in the shooting at marshall county high school in benton the shooter is in custody the injured have been taken to area hospitals were treated on scene families have students have been arriving at the school roland diverted to an offsite location to reunite with students who had been brought into safe rooms the area around the school is blocked there is no word yet on the suspected shooters name or the age was tres effort to wool the pawtucket red sox to massachusetts is look it up speaker of the rhode island house tells fox providence that a deal to build a new stadium in pawtucket for the team is dead speaker nicholas mattiello says twothirds of rhode islanders oppose a senate stadium bill so the house won't support it the worcester telegram reports city officials there are still talking with paul sox owners about moving to worcester right now the astronauts are taking a stroll outside the international space station her groper spot i must i recommend eric holden pulpit beaufort on their hopes a firm yeah we recommend that since there's such a long standoff spacewalking astronauts are installing a new mechanical gripper outside the station and because of the lingering effects of the government shutdown the spacewalk got started in the morning without live coverage on nasa tv and on air message simply stated we regret the.

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