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Know, I don't think people are gonna be able to Avoid it and avoid vaccination back at Yeager's meat market. The promoter has talked with one man will say that he's a gardener proposal. He says. He was very sick from covert. Last year, his entire household was infected, and his father in law died of it. She's winning position because you know someone Says so many people have died from the virus. It's important to get vaccinated. His second shot is this week in South Hayward. I'm Freddy that Villa Ramiro KQED news. While there are pockets where vaccination rates are lagging, the coded restrictions we've been living under are easing up. We're being told we can move away from masks and start to shorten that social distance. This change in behaviors could be stressful for many, and not just those who've gotten used to the way we've been living for more than a year. Think of the people who've kept working on the front lines throughout the pandemic. One of our concerns is that the focus on frontline worker mental health and their appreciation of the need there. Could start Tomo Fade away. As society reopens. Dr. Elizabeth Rawson is a psychiatrist in San Francisco and co founder of the Front Line Workers Counseling Project. It's a service that connects frontline workers with volunteer therapists. There is heightened risk of depression anxiety, post traumatic symptoms which can develop into PTSD. Ah, whole range of issues that can come up for someone who's been through the kinds of experiences. The friendly workers have been thrilled. And then we know that for some people who go through a traumatizing experience, they actually either don't develop some of the symptoms until later or they don't feel ready or able to seek treatment until later. Dr Ross and says stress and exposure to trauma build up over time the friendly workers during the pandemic. We're also friendly workers before the pandemic, and we're dealing with stressful crisis situations before you can think about doctors and nurses Also firefighters, paramedics and these are the same people who will also be on the front lines of future crises. San Francisco psychiatrist Dr Elizabeth Rawson. She co founded the Frontline Workers Counseling Project. If you are seeking help in the Bay Area, you confined resource is at f w c p dot orc. You're listening to morning edition on KQED. Jack Faris was traffic now in Oakland today, 29. Try to find any West challenges before Park Boulevard first report of an accident. No details at the moment, But I can tell you a emergency responders will be there momentarily, not causing much of a slowdown. At the moment, it's been a slow to slowdowns. Look no further than San Jose would want North bound, sluggish from Capitol Expressway up through about Oakland Road in stretches. Then, of course, Richmond 80. Westbound Ishwar Freeway slow from El Portal Drive all the way through the foot of the maze. I'm Jack Faris for KQED and support for KQED comes to us this morning from Comcast business. Comcast business is committed.

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