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Focus on the market where you're gonna find your front desk team member your schedule coordinator or treatment coordinator But if we've found any single source to work well for us as business. It's working with writing the right job descriptions and sponsoring through indeed. If i had one magic key has helped us weather the storm because the reality is we have had some levels of issues you know. We have a large enough recruiting team. That were able to kind of get through a but recruiting for us as a business well has become an issue and so we've really had to hone in and saying where we spend money where where we're currently spending money. Where's it making a difference and we found for our entry level positions that indeed is homerun. Okay yeah because i would assume that too because you have right now. Like three hundred sat right employees. Three hundred numbers. Wow three hundred team members. Yeah sorry about that. None placed team members. But for to find that you know what. I mean like that especially in this type of market that we're in where it's it's scarcity. Yeah yeah You gotta work hard for and you've got to build a brand where people wanna work free. And it's also a a market. Where is job choosers marquette. And so you've gotta have the right culture. You've gotta have the right interview tactics. You've got to be on time for the interview. You've got to sell them on working for you and making sure that they're right just as much as they weren't torture you yeah any tactics that you can like give us like as pointers or anything you know. I don't sit on. Our recruiting site is much. But i know we spent a lot of effort creating a experience. That goes well so as soon as you apply you get not made it email from us. That explains about our company our growth our office. Space the perks of the job. So right away. They have something to read where they could say. This is a good company to work for that. We won best employer in the state of utah for two years. We've been featured in entrepreneur magazine. But we don't want them to. You have to sit and apply ten other jobs. We want to be in their inbox and people say this is interesting. And then we're going to reach out within twelve hours via text message via email and a phone call or twenty four hours and invite them for a phone screen. We're going to tell them about company mixture that they aligned with our core values that they know what we believe in where we're going and then they're gonna come in for that job interview. There's going to be someone waiting. They're sitting there for them. We're gonna have a pamphlet. That explains about our company. We're going to have a information sheet about the job. We're gonna walks them through with one of their team managers as well so that they can understand what expectations will be of them. Were going to provide them. Snacks water bottle a little goat gift. So that when they walk out the door fifteen to twenty minutes later they're going to say that was different so that if we feel it's right to extend a job offer. They're gonna doubts where. I wanna work. Initially i think recruiting was always looked at as if they worked for us will work for them. But what we've realized in this competitive market is that we have to be selling us as a company and we have to be delivering a wild experience. From the moment they applied the moment we deliver a job offer and then from there on continuing to deliver on those expectations. We spoke about two minutes. Amazing every you made me want to work for you like so the has it ever been to the point where it's like. Oh they were great. I mean they came in and they they even follow up with you. But you're just like you're not that great. You're not what i want. Yeah i wouldn't say like it's due. They aligned with our core values business. There's principles and choices that we say. Do you do it. well do you do it. Okay or do you not do it and really. We're looking for people that check. They do it well. In the four categories that matter dallas. Are you going to go above and beyond. Are you a culture champion. Are you someone who you know. Delivers exceptional results. And if we feel that they are those walking out than they're the right fit for us and hopefully we're the right fit for them. But it's not about making cinderella's shoe fit it's about interviewing enough people to find the people that are core values and if they don't that's totally fine and they're gonna find a bomb better for them job somewhere else. Yeah and it's really good. I feel like we on a lot from that. Like the whole interview tactic in the process of it. Because it is it is tough and you're right you do kinda stopped to start selling and that's the key corey like you have to create a brand where people are like. I want to work for this place. It's not so much. Like oh they pay me fifteen an hour anymore right because i mean like the labor world has changed at his paper anymore. Yeah you can get that If you want fifteen. I think i don't even if you get a free lunch. That's pretty good. I know so. You really have to have a brand now from what. I'm understanding because i know with one of the people we document dr mcteer. He people reached out to him on social media to work and he opened up like a month ago and he didn't have a hard time like a lot of people are trying to find employees. Because he he's he has a big following on social media and people saw his brand. So that's true man. It's the brand. I like that. I cannot what other updates you wanna give us about coffers. No i think it was a blast to hop on here today to talk about you. Know a decreasing availability or labor market. We are here to help. Dental practices grow or a long term partner. And we're going to continue to invest in our services in a product so that we can make a difference for the dental community moss. And if anybody wanna reach out to you or anybody on your team how can they do that. Yeah so. I think the easiest way to find us go to our website. Www dot get gt call. C. a. l. l. force dot com so c. r. g. t. c. a. l. f. o. r. c. e. dot com. There's multiple ways to contact us on their us guys and you can go on the show below. Definitely reach out to corey. Cb can get your analysis done even if you i think even if you think you're killing it you know what i mean like. Be careful throughout the very top. Because that's when you you fall right. So i mean i would. I would always want to get this analysis done. If i could get it done to see how many things i'm missing. Where the holes. That i can plug in so definitely guys conditions below. Get that done corey. Thank you so much for being with us. It was a pleasure and we'll hear from you soon matt michael. Thank you so much for tuning in everyone in corey man. We truly appreciate you coming on. We always always always appreciate you man so guys. If you have any questions concerns or want to know more about call for you can definitely go on the show and below and reach out to him and if you want to continue the conversation about this episode or any other episode. You've heard in the past. Please make sure you join the dental market or society facebook group and at the same time guys. I love it absolutely. Love it when you take a screen shot or you. Take a picture of you listening to podcasts. Whether it's this episode any other episode and then you tag me in it. My gosh that makes that makes my week. Like i am so ecstatic unhappy and obviously of course share that with the whole tribe and everybody because i might look people were living. You know it's awesome. I love it so if you can that means the world to me means the world to me if you can like. If you're driving running doing something just take a screenshot. Take picture and be like look on my drive. I'm listening to the dental market. Or michael talking with corier talking with whoever that to me is so freaking awesome. So i love that. Continue to do that guys. I appreciate it. And.

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