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So, you know, after all this is happening. David is feeling the walls closing in on him. And he started hearing whispers that interest was impending so he took it upon himself and turned himself in. He was held on one million dollars bond. And as he was being led to jail. He told TV reporters that he loved his mother like Billy said following his arrest. He was administered the Miranda warnings any voluntarily waived his rights as he was questioned by detectives he gave a statement about the inconsistencies in the story and the events, surrounding Gloria's murder me, completely denied what Mariah said her version of events were, so this is one of those perp that's gonna come in and think I can I try them? Outsmart yes. So this arrest shocked, the marmolejo family, they were extremely close, which I think Julia's mentioned in her interview. They love David like, you know. They just I mean, I don't think any of them ever saw anything like this coming within their close. God loving family and the family members characterized David as being a caring father or spectral, son. You know, a who was loving, and they can never see him doing something like this. But the police describe him as a brutal rapist who imposed control on victims and I know you're thinking, okay, rapist, I know we've talked about Mariah and a statutory implications with her, but there's more we're getting there, so the arrest shocked, the bulk of David's family. But the arrest didn't shock David's ex wife. David's Twenty-seven-year-old ex wife, Laura, so that she was not surprised when she learned about his arrest and the charges against him, which sounds alarming. I mean this is the mother of his four children. She's not shocked the but she said that, while she was still married to him. He started as a normal person describing their relationship her on the time of their first child this out. She characterized it, it was like mean him against the world. We were so young with both of us having a baby so young. He took full responsibility. He was normal, a good dad and everything else, a few years later David, Laura, and his young family, moved to Phoenix. Whereas father lived the stepfather of Mariah. So it's work. Took him to San Luis Obispo California flagstaff Arizona and Hawaii and a couple of times. He also went to Yuma, Arizona David, and Laura plan on buying a house in two thousand four but to save money, the couple and their children, and they had three at the time they moved back to El Paso, and live with Gloria, but David state alone to work in Phoenix sketchy. But the most notable shift. Billy. Billy. And I own a house jets at around and visit each other, and I own a house sorry for you. Good for you in an apartment. Yes, you own a house in Phoenix, Phoenix houses are cheap not mine. House isn't payment off. Maybe one day, we'll never get to go. Nope. You might you Jerry, probably. Well, yeah, we'll have you ever for barbecue? Oh, it's actually very like big kind of, like it has a great party lay out, but we're hoping. Yeah, it totally has that, but we don't like people, so but she also noticed a shift in David after his motorcycle crash when he lost his leg. Laura also said that she knew about the attraction between Mariah and David even before the split which has to be the weirdest thing to notice between somebody in their step sister. She said it was just the way that she acted towards him. It was kind of, like if you see a little girl, kind of like a fatal attraction, it was just so Irie to me because she was always with us. She was like our daughter. And when we're when Mariah went through puberty. She said that the relationship between David and her started to change the entire family suspected a relationship. It just made them all feel uncomfortable, into rightfully so reminds me teacher's pet. Yeah. Yeah. Like, oh, it's right under your nose. But it's so crazy that I would like it's to incentive leave. Yes. Did your psycho right this gusting, but look, we're actually doing it right? And he's a predator. I mean Mariah was groomed by him since she waits done. You know, this is no way me saying she was a willing participant. Lou. So while David was left to his own devices in Unix. There were sinister ominous things that happened. Laura said, little by little sort of realizing things that would happen that were out of character when I wasn't around this is in reference. David Laura learned of rape allegations against her husband, between December two thousand five in February two thousand six in March two thousand six David was arrested on suspicion of viciously raping and robbing four women sex workers from Ben Buren street in Phoenix than Buren street in Phoenix is. The road is note was was originally known as the capital of the of in the universe of motels. There was one hundred forty motels on this road is the entry point into Phoenix, but remember, the movie cars from Pixar. They built the you know, they went around route sixty six and they build the highway and then nobody went to the cars land anymore. But just think about think about if this happened cars, so they go around they build the ten highway, which is the one that's right out here in LA on van Buren, all the motels go into disrepair and then it becomes a haven for drugs and sex workers interest in that. And that's what happened. So, especially if it's like the mouth of the city like Phoenix, it's like truckers in transients and vacations to bachelor party. And it's the only the only stop in between attack the box Texas in LA. Yeah. You wait a Vegas forever. But van be so there's the van Buren venue there that I've been to. That's obviously on van Buren street. But it's but it's, it's like it's not quite east. That's in a nicer kind of more like hipster type area would go to stir area. Yep. We'll see your show til. Yeah. He jerry. So. When David was confronted with these allegations. He denied them in an interview with a Phoenix detective. He told the police that he had not been with a prostitute before. In Phoenix only in Las Vegas. But when detectives told him that all four women reported being raped by a man and a two door white Mitsubishi eclipse, who had the word faith tattooed on his neck, David began to change his story. Can we talk about what a douche canoe David as well? Number one, not a girl car and a clip says the car that I wanted when I was thirteen years old seem, I was like looking at what color white. I wanted like a turquoise one but like the spoiler. I was like, that's it's girly. It's tight. Yeah. And then faith tattoo like he's like a male basic bitch. Yeah. With neck tattoo. So we I tells police that he, he picked up ten prostitutes during his time in Phoenix. Then he said, okay. Now, wait a minute. Okay, wait. It was eleven but he continues to deny raping them and this happens a lot. And this is what he says would ask why each victim told police that he robbed him rate them at gun point. He said that, you know, sometimes he would shortchange the prostitutes. He said that. When he would pick up the women, the women who usually drunk or on drugs. So then he would throw them up a rolled up one dollar Bill or a ten dollar Bill after sex, which called a Bronx role where you see where you sort of, like, you know, you see that sometimes where you put a twenty and then you put five singles and it looks like oh, it's one hundred dollars. Kind of thing. So that's, that's what that's what he was saying. He was he was doing and some of the women reported the crimes immediately others several days. But the women who waited to report the assaults told authorities that they didn't believe anything would be done because they were sex workers, and you see this, honestly, this happens so much, and all that people who are anti sex worker, I are sex workers. Most men. I know have have admitted to me, not even with shame that they have hired sex workers before route their life at one point, whether it's a bachelor party, or they were in Thailand, or this, or autumn Assad. Like it is so common. And the fact that they don't get any support or protection the support from law enforcement is crazy. It's one of the worst things that you see in law enforcement, it's starting to open up, and I think there are certain detectives that no. That, that, that there are some sex workers, that can be allies for them. They're definitely a lot of sex workers. Most of them are victims. There are other victims of guys that will come in and, and try to eventually, you know, really take over their business. It's essentially a fucking hostile takeover what they do. Yeah. One of the vice cops that I know they would set up a you see these, these stings for John's. So they set up a, a woman. Who's saying that she's looking for dates? Guys come to the hotel. They'll might pick up eight guys. And there's these guys that are just looking for days with these girl, but these other guys will come in, and they are two types of pimps, and their pimps that see there's a new woman or a new girl in town. What are they going to do? There's two types of Pam says, I is the Romeo pimp. The Romeo Pimm comes in and says, baby. I'm gonna take care of you. You're, you know, everything's gonna be great. It'd be exactly. And then there's what they and they actually call it the gorilla pimp, and the gorilla pimple come in and actually attack the woman beat the hell out of our and say, yes, your mind, now this happens, and it happens a lot, and it's starting to open up now talking with. Police are starting to realize that a lot of these women are not doing it for any kind of lifestyle choice. They're doing it because they have become addicted there become addicted on. Yeah. Or I mean, if they're from another, like they steal passports, these steal, ID's and cell phones where it's like trot, like you're not going out of my sight to you. Don't have a cell phone or any money. You know, you have no way to escape your wallet. I took your credit cards like you'd have to really literally run from me down a highway escape, so and then what? Yeah, exactly. So one of the women who was twenty two years old. She said that David had pointed a gun to her and said, put a good, right outer and said you're going to do what I want you to do or I'll shoot you. And he raped her stroke on the face again with a gun and stole a hundred fifty dollars from her, according to the police reports, and he learned lured, another woman into his car when he backed into a poll to gas station..

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