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She's trying to get away from New York, bad vibes for her so like she's taking meetings in LA. Good gos- good. Gus. Would you watch the TV show? Do you think it be good to be kinda sad? Well, if it's the same TV shows it has. Now, of course, I watch love Wendy Williams. No, I mean, like she she's pitching a reality show. Oh, no. Don't you reality show about her summer? I don't want while God I mean, I don't want that. Exactly. I just want Wendy to do, but Wendy, does best, this is the problem. Do what you wanna ask wanting to do reality show is sort of it reads as dark move. It raises a desperate move, and I it makes me nervous and Wendy's, like good at what she does like if I was when the what I would do is, I would do yearly comprehensive sit down interview with somebody and like talk about everything, not spin it into reality show like that, to me is the less. I don't know don't want you want, like a good sit down interview with Wendy with someone who knows that interview. And she kind of talks about what she's been going through all of that stuff. Right. And then we're watching these reality shows, you know, like no one ever actually watch one does note people watched the first episode watch mate. You know, it's remember to people with more intrigue or like, you know, cultural capital than at the time up black, China, and rob Kardashian and that show was. Big ass flop. Same with Kylie show. People watch. I'm thinking of Lindsay Lohan show on hope for that, no one really watched like it's, you know, it's, it's not like this given thing that just because people are buzzing about you that people are gonna watch reality show about you. Like I just feel like there's a better way to get your story out there and have people like year you do the one hour interview, and you'll be fine. And then go back to the show that you or, or re-jigger the show. That's that worked so well for you. You know, everyone loves when like Wendy show, why why like change that Moore, judge. Next call kinda who weekly wrong time, long time who is Sebastian kinda scalp. Go. I just write about him at work. He's some kind of comedians. I've never heard this thing before, apparently, he's only outsold in comedy arenas by Kevin Hart. Like he made sixteen million dollars in his last thirty shows which seems like a lot for a name. That's literally never heard before. Who is this guy? Clinch this guy. No. Not once. Not. Once I had no idea who was. I've seen green book. He's in green book. What is he in green book, you works at the he works at the club? Oh, you know, we is was completely wrong. He's vigo. Mortenson brother. Oh, okay. Did they just run run geysers or friend, who cares? He's in a few scenes. With clearly literally doesn't matter. I don't want to talk about bring book. I wanna talk about Sebastian Maniscalco, who co is hosting the VM as. Sebastian Maniscalco is one hundred years old, and he's hosting the AMA's he's not in videos, or music, and yet, he's hosting their awards. He's never been on MTV before NATO's awards are his stick is that he doesn't know anything. So like it's not like they're pretending like he is cool..

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