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For thirty eight traffic and weather on the eights to Joe Conway in the WTOP traffic center article stuff in Virginia the longstanding crass is not showing any signs of clearing it is ninety five north on your route seventeen Falmouth at last report in the traffic cameras we still still blocking the left side left lane you're crawling along with them leaving spots Vania staying to the right to get by beyond that you'll slow again briefly from del city toward Woodbridge that's appalling delay EZ pass things are still going south down and he won't reverse until tomorrow on sixty six east bound near Nutley street the stalled vehicles blocking the right lane causing the delay through Vienna George Washington park we had reported earlier of a crash northbound near the spout run the exit was bout run parkway and police should be there driving in Maryland twenty nine southbound south of industrial parkway near paint brands Mr says demonstration activity shuts down the southbound lanes nothing was going to look it sounds as if police are there more we're hearing on the scanners on the internet to the bell expected find some delays in the local lanes leaving oxen hill toward Alexandria earlier demonstrations in the walkway loaded up the walkway in fact but not liking any traveling since causing a distraction driving in the district plenty of rolling road closures all around the area around the White House U. S. capitol building points in between and along the sixteenth in forty three quarters all the way toward the U. street expect to find lots of of demonstrators in the roadway and on the sidewalks drawing a lot of attention best to avoid if you north or south the city we've been telling you three ninety five tunnels used to work to the east of most of the street closures the wrecking parkway to the west East West travel is best served by using Massachusetts Avenue if you want to ninety five but that had an early report of a crash to Pennsylvania Avenue should be just about wrapped up we brought you by Safeway this week it's a push up with your clubcard ingrate get great Bogo deals get Turkey hill ice cream Haagen Dazs ice cream Haagen.

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