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I think oftentimes, you know if it's the right patient in terms of is this like a young person who is otherwise really healthy might have something going on that we can reverse and doesn't have a lot of other comber videos that we think are going to interfere with management. Then despite a lack of consensus evidence I still think it's worth a shot at thinking about doing. I think. It's awesome situation that we find ourselves in. So unattached, can you tell us what some of the Contra indications are to Act Now? So we kind of went over what are favorable factors but contraindications would be if they had an issue where you couldn't anti coagulate them safely because they need full anti coagulation. Well or if they have some severe limiting co morbidity, such things like an underlying malignancy potentially or their baseline neurologic status being poor that play into deciding where mechanical circulatory support is going to be a bridge to is going to be rich to recovery something more durable or even transplant. All right. So we're going to go after case as you predicted, Natasha given the inability to achieve roskin this patient and the patient's otherwise lack of known boomer. We did this patient for the Akmal and she was taken to the Cath Lab. Emerging. I just wanted to kind of chime in here before we go through the Angiogram and say that I think this is a really cool demonstration of the way that our fellows I get to participate in kind of the front end triaging of critically ill patients like to come in post arrest at Cedars has a ton of post arrest patients coming in in the past year. For example, we've done just about a hundred cannulation majority of those are actually initiated by the cardiology fellows because we're the frontlines in many of these patients present with concern for acs as the underlying cause of their arrest. So we help with. Triage process along with us you surgeons work hand in hand with them and get to see these patients through initial presentation to hopefully their eventual stabilization which I think is a very special experience for fellows. Yeah. I can't imagine the sound. So impressive it's one thing to actually put in which obviously is a skill set in its own but holding the trigger on deciding to put an equal is equally as challenging times more neurological damage in sometimes waiting too long you missed the train. So that's really impressive that allows you are really central to this triage which has such consequences on the way you take care of your patients..

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