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A fan of the edmonton weiner's sacher. Just a fan of the sport. In general it doesn't appear that you've had much of the way of growing pains in making the jump from the toronto maple leafs from the east to the west to the edmonton honors. Has the transition for you to this point. Really been a smooth as it appears been It's been pretty smooth and it's been it's been really fun but obviously when you when you move cities and windows moving you're picking up moving your family. There's there's some growing pains there with getting a house and getting a new car and getting situated but from a hockey and point and from a teammate standpoint. it's been unbelievable. and and the city's been incredible breezy point here. So everything's been really good. And i think the auto credit for the guys for being so welcoming because we do have a bunch of guys who amend and that's exceptionally when you're kicking around all this stuff at the end of last year that you know you're in discussions with the leafs. Is there a way to make it fit. You probably had a feeling one way or the other. But what's that decision like for someone who's at home plan for the leafs and you can see kind of where this is heading like. What's that last couple of weeks like a lot of sleep. The it's It's a hard time just because there's so many moving parts and and it's not just the hockey decision the vision the family decision to i need ten months. But i'm timing. I dunno seven months summertime and thinking about you know. where is your son. Grow up your wife's moving ways. She's from toronto. Atlanta's and i always kind of having a family here have. Both of our families are in charles. So it's not just a hockey situation. It's it's a ally situation but we're really happy with with the decision obviously and tamaki implant. It was so easy. We've definitely like. I said that i thought would would work really well and then instead of four but one of the most important parts fat precision was actually born outside and and the city and seeing where. We haven't seen where theo or summer grow up and alanna never been then so when she got there and was able to see all those things that we've been easier decision process and we're really happy. So you're you're playing with austin matthews. Who's probably the best shooter in the game or next to oversee the best shooter in the game and chances are you're going to go to edmonton and now you're gonna. You're you got to play with mcdavid or dry seidel. It's not like it's not like you're getting short thriftier. Like what have you noticed among these great players you've got to.

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