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The time our ability to generate sympathy for people that make exponentially more money than us is always incredibly low in our ability to look at their situation recognize the things that might be difficult about it becomes even lower so giancarlo stanton is not in a place where him opening up and admitting to any sort of anxiety any sort of worry about this situation is going to be rewarded with anything other than even more booze and he's already heard so it's a good night for him that quote there's probably right it's probably the assessment that we're going to land on for a while which is guys talented his giancarlo stanton is gonna figure it out sometimes but by nature his games a modern base of baseball it's also going to go the other way sometimes that's just the way it's going to stay right now person last michael junior here on espn radio and the espn app up and so what is this we've got tiger woods coming back to now tiger woods is first appearance since the masters tiger woods some new irons in the bag tiger woods going to go back out and try and put on the show and the same deal with expectation i wonder what we're going to allow for tiger woods post masters now if there is just more leeway and less interest less build up because we're not all the sudden working towards that end the prize if one tournament where now tiger is near the top five or in contention still carries the same weight when there's not the payoff of the masters in the back end eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six let's go to sean toronto sean you're on first and last going on what up what's going on what do you got just chilling yo honestly i've seen one with drake and kendrick perkins and i'm thinking being to toronto's taking that do you how do you know you have to finish that statement boquet there we go that's how it's done get.

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