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I'm to give away copies at my retreat and November, perfect and mice. Little coming to that speaking on the second baby. Wonderful. I just needed a little edification, so I. Advocation come running low. No, but but you're gonna give away copies in November, and the book is all about ings -iety and society today suffers, at least we hear society suffering more from excited than ever before. Why is that? It's because I well, first of all, I think that it's diagnos more, you know, it's people are more open about it. So thirty years ago, you had anxiety. You're not gonna show that weakness, right? Right. So first of all, there's that second of all social media guy to have something to do with it. Third, the comparison syndrome, that's what I call the first world problem. The number one cause of friction and most people's lives mostly though is because we're misaligned, so I was misaligned. I was saying one thing I'm Craig Ballantyne men's health fitness expert. I was making the videos. I was training people. Oh yeah. I'm gonna go and binge drink every Friday or every Saturday, every Friday or every Saturday. And you can't hide that. It's like the preacher strip the, you know, the waitress, you're not getting away with that for values. Misalignment. Yes, absolutely. So values, goals and actions are misaligned that causes internal stress or you know, it's like, oh, I want to write a book and you never get around to write causes internal stress. So get internal stress. We have all this stimulus in our world caffeine on no sleep. All these choices. All these electron IX hyper. Sympathetic nervous system response. We don't know how to breathe properly. We aren't coping properly. There's a million factors and that's why it's become so prevalent today from. I mean, it's really, really bad and teenagers, it's really terrible in America. Forty million Americans more than ten percent of the population, and it's probably just gonna start to get worse. So the Craig Ballantyne that I met in the Craig Balentine that you've become, who stands your next me right now running empire podcast and running the empire. Mastermind with me, you're such a joy to be around, honestly, I love you then, but I love you now. What's missing in this Craig's life? Oh, I think it's it's what's what you have in your life that I look up to more than ever now, which is that partner in that support. So I loved it. When you were running fitness business summit, I'd I'd go down there. I'd see you behind the scenes with Diana and it'd be like it'd be Diana and Badri us against the world. Yeah, Diana baiters against the world and seeing that true partnership is very inspirational to me seeing Joel leases. True partnership is very inspirational to me. So that's what's missing. It's like the last little piece of the jigsaw puzzle and than just be exactly as advertised. Perfect. Well, I'll tell you what, as here's a call to action to all of our listeners and viewers of the entire podcast are if you know of someone. What? What is the perfect MRs Craig Valentine look like? Because if we know of someone, we should probably make an introduction, the girl next door..

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