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And here's some pictures that's far higher. She walked into that phone. Look despise rack is planned on the ground. They just failed down she laying next to it. She clearly knocked that watermelon down the trash is on its side. What the fuck and then down here chiefly the down coffee table over does a box on the floor does debris underneath account, and then as a fucking open pint of ice cream sitting on the couch. Dan, ain't cleaning shit. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I'll be somebody get this Beal all right last Dory. Let me go to the bonus round. And. Doubled up and. That's why would opponents double the rice in a bonus round against to. Right. So far Karen is one in one. Let's see how she finishes. All right. Woman who ordered more than sixteen hundred dollars of girl scout cookies for her daughter's troop is arrested white all right cares. Go on with white. At woman from Ohio has been caught with our hand in a cookie jar literally Noel Hines thirty one allegedly accepted a large order girl scout cookies to sell for her daughter's girl scout troop in March. But when it came time for the Bill to be play pay the girl scouts of western Ohio client, they never see the payment girl scout officials said police air police say that they they tried to contact on several times over period of six months, but there were never successful reach iron order to retreat a six hundred dollars day. Eight. Fairly all the Moen's out of ten minutes. She's an evil person. Apparently, it's real cookie monster..

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