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From the 11 yard line. Three receivers to the right to the left. Kelly look into the end zone. He fires his intercepted by Clay Matthews of the one It is going to be over, Cleveland will win the game and advance on to the championship one game away to the Super Bowl. 1989 Jim Nance on CBS Radio Back in the divisional round playoffs. The last time the Browns played in the fancy championship game, 19. 89. We're already in a very historic weight right now being in the playoffs for the first time, it seems like forever winning a game last week in Pittsburgh and now with a real chance against the defending Super Bowl champions here midway through the fourth quarter, Well, with the five point game, Ted Henie makes the biggest mistake of the game for the Kansas City Chiefs. Offensively, he has Tyree killed going down the middle of the field against cover to Carl Joseph is the safety that he thinks Jumps, Tyree kill, but Carl Joseph only takes a step towards Tyree killed Marcus Robinson is on the outside. Does a double move to the right side up the right numbers. Carl Joseph with that one step to the middle is the reason why Chad Henny threw it up the numbers, hoping to lay it in the basket. DaMarcus Robinson. But Joseph just takes that one step in, then drifts back into his cover to zone. Then he's got an easy interception, setting things up in the 20 yard line for the Cleveland Browns to go down and attempt to take the lead. Baker Mayfield breaks 100. They're moving from left to right. He's under center with the first intent. He maneuvers his tight end shove in the back field. Mayfield pulls away first in 10 screen pass job Leaping catch 15 goes to the 20 step on his way breaks a tackle goes to the near side line. The 25 is brought down. Chavez brought down the feisty Sorenson gets him. About 24. So he picks up four. Make it five on the play. Kevin. This has been brewing the entire second half as the Browns have gotten going here in the second half. They rushed for nearly 100 yards in the third quarter, whereas they rushed for under 20 yards in the entire first after the offensive lines feeling good about themselves, So there's been more and more joint going on. As this game has progressed grounds around the third different left tackle today, they had that candidate from their own 24 2nd down and six Shotgun snap. Mayfield gives the job runs laterally at 23 minutes Stuffed brought down big time play. Hitchings comes through the linebacker for the Chiefs and crabs and up high and terrorism down, throws him on the grass. No game in the play third and six for Cleveland. They tried running to the right and Anthony Hitchens was able to get up there. He's the first one and then the response of Chris Jones. The two of them got into the backfield and brought him down. Bringing up a third long dream on is the running back. Mayfield has broken his little shotgun snap. 36 dropping back heavily pressure throws a pass and his company Higgins, Broken tackle, 25 puts his head down goes to the 30 capped the first town where it looked like he did he was spinning his way is forward progress. Looked like he had gotten the first time that she was it caught that short pass on the far side painted numbers. Well, he Kevin, I'm sorry he had to get the ball to the 30 yard line with a touchback, starting at the 20 and had to touch the line of the 30. Initially, when the official came in, it looked like he gave it to him. As you said, but then winning with the spot the ball. He marked it about 6 to 8 inches short of the line, and the Browns are gonna go for it on fourth. Fourth and inches. Three tight ends. Mayfield in the center is the back. Hey, field will get the snap Quarterbacks Nick, they push him across. He's got the first down going between this center in his guard. He's out to the 31. That was a big first down for Cleveland clock is showing 5 50 ticking. The chiefs are holding on to a 5.20 to 17 lied, basically, Kevin Stravinsky said. It's coming down to this. We've got to be able to get a half a yard. Pick up the first down with six minutes to go. He goes for it on fourth down if they don't make it. The Chiefs are already in field goal range, gutsy call by Stefanski and it paid off with the first down rounds. Have this possession with Carl Joseph and Joan in reception over the chief's backup quarterback, Henny Taking the place of the King costume. Mahomes Mayfield looks over at the bench play clock is it to they're going to call a time out. Cleveland has one left with 5 17 to go and the quarterback Baker Mayfield with eye black smeared under each eye and looking through that protective clear. I shield on his face mask will go over and talk with the fancy and Alex Van Pelt, the offensive coordinator. Browns were at one time down 19 to 3. But they've come back in two second half possessions, and they've gotten four yard touchdown pass to Landry, a three yard touchdown run by high And the Chiefs in the second half all they done his kick a field goal. They just had a pass in the end zone intercepted by Cleveland, which gives the Browns this possession. Kevin, you have to remember that chief's missed a field goal. They also missed the extra point back into the first quarter. In the first possession of the game. First Tintin shotgun snap handoff goes to chop their killing on him. He's chopping wood. He's trying to get through in these Bucktown pack of 29. And he loses about a young, maybe two, second down and along 11, and the clock is now passing five minutes with the Browns trailing by five. Kevin we haven't said Chris Jones, his name very often, if at all this entire game, But we're now going to say it twice in the last three plays. Chris Jones got into the backfield that time and he's the reason why they weren't able to get that run game going and why it was stopped for no games, second down 11 from the Cleveland 30 Yard line, and the.

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