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Austin. Sunday. MMA Gym in Hock urged rally goers to discourage lawmakers Some legislation that compromises gun rights We need to call them. Email them write them. We need to be so annoying. They have no choice but to listen because they work for us. We are not their subjects They are subject to US organizer say the rally had nothing to do with the election or the recent breach at the Capitol. The state capital is closed through Inauguration Day, and Texas is making progress with covert 19 vaccinations but admittedly has more work to do. Governor. Rabbit says Texas is vaccinated more residents than any other state in the country. But many suburban and rural counties air out of doses come Legally. Collin County, for example, has no vaccine right now. Darryl Willis with Collin County Health Services, says a shipment is expected next week. But residents can register for shots in other counties, if needed, were encouraging individuals to sign up for his many wait lists that that they feel comfortable being on the state says the focus this week has been on counties that aren't near areas with major vaccination hubs plate. Nevil, WB AP News The stock market is closed today from the W B A P news desk. I Nicolo say. Your next update is a 10 30 24 7 coverage at WB AP DACA This'd is the news and talk of Texas. It's d FW's liberty Loving Latino. Chris sell Saito right now. Unused talking 20 w b A b W b a P Doctor home and welcome Our two Don't forget Early look at Rush Limbaugh comes your way at 10 45 on this MLK Day. Uh, Mentioned that Our reverence and deep appreciation for the legacy of Dr King. It was a legacy of peace. I've been asked by several of you. To dissuade those from showing up. At capitals or even the U. S Capitol with shows of force many of you believing it's trap. Look what they did with the Capitol Hill, right? At the Capitol Hill riot has sparked this massive clamp down on constitutional rights and liberties. And many are starting to see the trend. That the American left can burn loot. Kill, beat people for months on end and no talk of kicking left wingers off of social media. Shutting down their voices. But BLM and some Trump supporters bust in the capital. And it's all about suppression of free speech of conservatives. Judy writes in on the meat we page saying, Chris, I agree with your last collar. Nothing changes. What they're doing is working. Though I would miss W B a P and Newsmax in a way in Okay? I gotta I gotta be honest with the kids. I I was shocked that so many of you would and whatever. Some of you have accused the last color of being a left wing plant. When you lead off with Hey, I'm conservative minded. That's usually a clue that they're not But whatever. The FBI has arrested a man accused of plotting a violent attack against supporters of President Trump at Florida's Capitol building. In Tallahassee. Agents arrested Daniel Allen Baker. Self described hard core leftist on Friday after authorities claim that he issued a call to arms for like minded individuals to violently confront Trump supporters. This is, according to WPTV. And this pack review. I can understand why you folks in the air quotes press wouldn't want this to get out. The fact I mean, you're doing your best to pretend that the violence by the left wing over the over the summer didn't happen. So I can imagine why you're suppressing this. Now, all of you imagine W B A P Newsmax one America News. We're not here. You'd never know. You never know, because when left wingers violate the rules in the law, you can always count on the mainstream press to cover for them or toe, not cover the story at all. Thank God They're at least for the time being. There are those of us out there who will Get out of Fort Worth Herald. Welcome to Krystle Saito show. Thanks for hanging on. Hello, safe. Washed a little post on YouTube last night from somebody interviewing Alan Dershowitz. And he said. Donald Trump is not guilty of anything to be impeached in the first place. He was not guilty of treason, bribery or any other high crimes and misdemeanors. There was no gathering of information. There was nothing of that This was purely political theater, and he said it was against the Constitution. And he also said that if they You a trial after he has left office. It is called a bill of attainder that is totally against the Constitution. 100% And he, uh It's my opinion. That we are so far from the Constitution that we can't see it with a 500 Power telescope. I mean, Yes, I don't know. I'm so frustrated with what has happened over the last month, two months, but I can hardly even speak. No, I get it. Dershowitz, Of course, a lifelong Democrat who happens to revere the Constitution, one of the few left And he's absolutely right. The Constitution don't forget. Impeachment is a political Tool. High crimes and misdemeanors have been vaguely defined. Um and Like I said they have topped the show. The Democrats are mainstreaming using impeachment instead of a tool of last resort. It's just gonna be commonplace. If you don't like the sitting president and you have control over the house. You're going to impeach And it will become a worthless mechanism. That's only going to be another tool to keep us at each other's throats. And you can thank the socialist for that, as you can thank all of the loss of decorum and civility in this country. To them because they are the ones who will blame us for daring to disagree with them when we used to call that debate, But Dershowitz is right on the the premise. Of that. And you know what? Now we're finding out. Harold, I don't know if you saw this last week, because if you were watching the mainstream press, they probably didn't report it. Catherine Herridge of CBS News reporting. The timeline doesn't match up the president Trump was speaking while the attacks in the Capitol and DNC and the RNC we're going on. Yeah, I thought I saw that. That really interesting He was. How could he be inciting a riot? It was the F B. I is now saying that they riot was planned and they had information intelligence that it was planned that the day before they had that intelligence. So how can President Trump be responsible for inciting a riot? It was planned out before. Well, That's what there's who had said he can't be. Convicted on something that he didn't say in the first place. Exactly Did you know that Nancy Pelosi, Nick and endless Cheney? They neglected to include the language, the specific language, which, by the way, incitement to riot requires that you articulate The specific language that was inciting. They didn't include that in the articles of impeachment. You know why It's not there because it's not There. This is a political move. And by the way, the folks in the press I would challenge anyone of you folks in the press to show me the inciting violence that inside inside of that riot. On on Capitol Hill. It's not there, and that's why the congressman didn't include it. They said he lied when he talked about all this stuff that was going on with the election, but I watched everything that was posted on were made on YouTube. I watched every legislative Committee hearings and all this stuff of all the six states. Trump was not lying. No, I didn't say he didn't lie. And if lying was impeachable, then why wasn't Barack Obama Hey, lied about shovel ready jobs. He lied about liking your doctor. Keeping your doctor liking your plan. Keeping your plan I mean, if if lying is impeachable and cause for removal than half of Washington would be out of work over half of Washington. Yeah, right..

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