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Here's the what was the star of the whole day including after hours no. No this is like being favor. Do this favor like he's looking at his thing. I ask them. Questions Does so David it's Alphabet alphabet which is soaring after hours trading because of a gigantic earnings beat you know what the greatest part alphabet is they. They are not in China many years. We have to hear that not being China hurt them. This time is a charm now we know their pockets of strengths and Liikanen retail spending big-box gifted spending continues unabated although Amazon after big better than spending quarters took breathe tonight because of heavy spending cycle that I told you it's going to kick him when we did our game plan in the most recent mortgage application data shows Klein low single digits house is pretty good but the industrial economy is so weak that Jay pal now has plenty of ammo to justify cutting interest rates and present rolls out new tariffs on Chinese imports and that three hundred billion if oil goes down than one rate cut will not be enough. Here's the bottom line people as I've been saying since this earning season begin. We have two economies in this country. We have the manufacturing economy and the consumer economy for the moment they are very out of step with each other the former doing badly the ladder doing well. This industrial weakness is a serious problem. It will not go away unless the Fed's steps on the accelerator and does so suit only to offset the week this being expert here of course along with their air pollution from China Jeffrey in Washington Jeffrey Boulia Nettle Jim J. W. N.. That's right. It's that thing is doing blow us. I gotta get a new address. What's up? It's Internet sales open a New York Gawk at the end of the year in the dividend over five percent right now but I need to buy the thing and hold onto it look by Chapel Trust owns Kohl's and that is also and you are talking about a complete housing complex pain. I'm GonNa say stay away from that is look at the days of Nordstroms. Greatness may be waning. Maybe get a little pop up to thirty six but that's not what rebel no all right now. WE'RE GONNA go to Kevin California Kevin. I Jim I'm Bonnie. My son on Kevin has a question for you sure Hello Jimbo Yacht taking my small of course we're big fans of you and your show ten years old and I'm from Burbank California and looking for another stuff sure my for portfolio for college. So what do you think of Dunkin donut after deal with <hes> but beyond me I think Dunkin donuts is doing quite well. I happen to like that new C._O.. Very much tells a pretty good story beyond meat deals. It's just a little bit. I had the sausage I tell you this killer. I really really like it not enough to move the needle but for ten year old has got a long time frame long time horizon I think Dunkin donuts will do just fine beyond me a little too hot for me but I understand the those and I bet you one day. Kevin is going to say you know what give me a burger of beyond cheaper. There were certain beyond me hot dogs in front of the exchange. Today I took a passing. Let's go to Amy Michigan any Kramer. Yes thank you so much for helping women to invest yes yes. I am two months new to the market and about ten days ago I picked up snap..

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