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And welcome back to coast to coast were with Peter Schenker. Final segment here. Peter when people have this awakening mode like you did doesn't hit them right away. Do they realize that, you know, their life will change or does it take some time for them to realize things are happening. Everyone's different George some people. They have been semi awake. Their entire lives. Some people wake up in the manner that I did others, you know, wake up within St. as everyone's different depends on why you're being woken up. And what your job is. Now. Interestingly enough, a lot of people being woken up have technical and engineering backgrounds and a lot of interest, creating new products and services based on all kinds of really cool tech. I wonder why that would be why they'd have that kind of background unusual. Isn't it whatever the grand design is? It's always perfect and right on time. Fully understand it or not. Let's go west of the Rockies up to Honolulu Hawaii. Hello Dorothy, welcome to the program. Hello. Can you hear me? Yup. Sure. Can. I'm excited about talking to Peter. And I have actually when you were talking about how some people tend to giving giving given. That I feel like that has been my. To and I feel like it stems from my parents who never nurtured me or catch me much. And I have a sense of unworthiness that came from having terrorists like that. And beyond just I want to get beyond it. I know I have a job to do in this universe. And I want to be able to step into my year for energy. And do what I'm supposed to be doing that? This is holding me back. And it drives me crazy. I know I know I can receive, but I tend to just to give a gift and it's difficult for me to receive. I know that comes from the sense of unworthiness. What do you think of that Pete? Yeah. Thank you for that. Dorothy, you know. That right. There is what ninety nine percent of the people are experiencing that the background noise. Which is you know, the how and the why clearly are different for everyone circumstances. But ninety nine percent of the people you don't know how to receive. And it's it's as simple as just opening up, those channels Dorothy, like it's about releasing what may or may not in your conscious mind, you know, be holding you in the president unable to move forward in the future in your case. It's all about receiving. So you know, the truth shall set you free. I've declared earlier that which is not necessarily the best mantra facing the things that cannot be undone shall set you free. So in your case when you you know, you look at your parents. And and you think that that feeling of unworthiness is coming from them. And you you could be absolutely right. It's all about honoring that energy and letting it go into now being able to receive into the future. So if you right now in real time, just just put your attention on what you perceive to be holding you back from receiving and just allow for a second at ugly feeling to enter into your conscious realm and just repeat those eight magical words, I honor the space in which to exist. You'll feel it just dissipate or in some cases obliterate, and it's it's that easy. You know, again, Georges, humans we over complicate everything and things are really really simple, especially in the energetic field. It's it's either one or zero it is or it's not. That's it. That's where your software background comes in. Absolutely. Let's go to Joe Long Island New York Joseph. Go ahead. Hey, peter. I two questions. One was you were speaking of Sebastian and angels. Now, I had a couple of. Your phone is Joey and entre Matic situations. We miss that. Joe? Your phone went out. Okay. Yeah. I had a couple of interactions with angels. I believe in non traumatic situations. It seemed to be a demonstration that. It's not gonna work this time. Joe get charged up that battery. Let's go to Ed in Colorado. Welcome to the program. Hey, ed. Hey. Go ahead. I go. I take care of speakers. Hey, this is great George. Thank you so much for taking my call. Sure. And I have something I really really have had a question about I'm sixty five years old. And my home life. I've had a little bit of an edge. Off of ordinary in my consciousness. But I'm not going to go into that. Will I have to say can you hear me? Okay. We have to say is. I'm wondering your guess is all about. Extraordinary consciousness not. You call. Ordinary. And my question. I've had for many many many years is what happens. What happens when we? Go a little bit further than ordinary consciousness. We start to experience. The extraordinary reality of. Everything. You follow Peter. I I I believe so I believe he's talking about it a wake-up experience. And what happens when your consciousness is raised and you start experiencing things on a whole new level. I thought if I'm understanding correctly. Hana people how do people raise that level? We eat. You know, that's a great question. And and I'm I'm asked this all the time. And I keep telling people it all starts with an act of kindness. You just can't say I've raised my vibration. It doesn't work like that. You have to earn respect when you weren't respect from the universe. You're given a piece of information, and what you do with that information determines if you move to the higher octave the next right? So if you start with an act of kindness, if you're driving down the road, and you and you let the, you know, the poor guy get out in in traffic. What is it takes five seconds for you, which is nothing, but you've made his day. That's positive karma. Okay. University taking notice you get involved in community, something you do something that spreads more light and love in the world. Okay. You're raising your vibration, the universe takes notice. And 'cause you piece of information and that information. Come in any form. And it's basically a roadmap to how you get to the next level. If you act on it, then it gives you more in that. Then then it feeds into this ladder. They pull you you push them. You pull them they push you. It's this given this take again going back to the receiving into giving. That's how the game is played out since time immemorial giving and receiving. That's how you get into the higher realms of consciousness, and when you're there. Okay. I it's it's a it's a it's a pass that you were all on the same patch, George. Some of us are just a little further ahead. And it's our duty that for those of us that who'll further head to stop pause turnaround in help let's go to Carol now. Watertown, New York. Carol welcome to the program. Thank you. Greetings from Bach live long and prosper. I'd like that line. A fellow Trekkie. Well, there's such a message during times of depression. I realise I hold up my hand. And I say this and people I realized to not feel worthy of that grieving. They don't feel that. There wasn't enough to prosper. Can you turn on the radio though, Carol we're getting feedback from you? Oh, okay. I'll go into the other room go to the other room with other things that I always do as I say the people they say, it's a little flaky. But it makes you smile. Is about to light in you. You do what I say live lock I to the light with a grieving. All right. Peter. I'm having trouble understanding some of these questions tonight. I think what she's doing in presenting is a couple of different ways of showing gratitude and humility in situations that would be the less vibration. I think she said mentioned in times of depression. She'll say a little bit of a mantra, and that's all beautiful. And you know, folks, there's no right way. There's no wrong way for any of this. There's only the perfect way for you. However, whenever you decide to to do these, you know, it's always perfect for you. Well, you talk about depression. I had a story on earlier in the program about the kids. Twenty five percent are committing suicide primarily because of things that are happening to them on the internet. That's astounding. I mean, if were before group appearance, what would you tell them? You know, I I think in in some capacity we are dictated to a way of life where let's say we can't put down her cell phone. It's always in her hands. Yes. You know, you'll see a family of four they're all in their phones. I I've been I mean, I've been a part of that. I get it. Okay. But more and more consciously now when I go out into the world, I'm leaving my cell phone at home. When I go sound like you've left, your left or right, arm home. It is. But it's called. I it's it's the it's breaking the addiction, you know, in in not watching TV. You know, what what what like for instance? What is the one thing you see more now in restaurants in public areas where you would have never seen George maybe ten years ago people on their phone. Eight but more importantly TV's. Everywhere everywhere. Peter the clock has got us. Thank you for everything you bring to the table here. For folks who want more information on Peter shake, his website modern day, mystic dot com. It's linked up for you and coast to coast AM dot com. Thank you, Peter. Really? Appreciate it. It all there was a guy was on his way into work. He was a little late left. A message for his boss. You left a message because what he witnessed was extremely strange for those of you who have heard this longtime ago, get ready for the life of your life. Mark, I'm on my wife, thirty seven sixty eight gotta got hung up the training out here. My way into Dallas, Jerry, probably going to be calling you to find out where a bad if you can't get a hold of me. I'm sure so. Whoa. Got a wreck. Guy. Ran a red light it four ladies in an empowering Clifton the tournament around right in front of me, man. That was close. Oh now, this guy's out of his car. Gotta gotta white shirl cigarette. I ended up in like like like their home. I don't. Of their win. Rolling down the winter. I think. I. Not. Out there. Okay. Man. He's got a cat. Like. About everything. Right. Back version. Guy. This guy's not getting up. Still still. Black. Facing? Okay. Back. I hope you get a chuckle out.

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