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We're talking chocolate. Cake sweets like any old would say jelly. Please say Jelly in. What was it like for you? So you don't have allergies. Take it actually. I do as I found out for myself three years ago when I hired anaphylactic response to antihistamine of all things. The very thing that's meant to make you pay nearly took me so yes so to. Do you have a couple of allergies myself now but yeah. He keeps on our toes. I've had to go back to basics when it comes. I'm still learning to cook so everything you can possibly imagine. I was unable to take anything for him when he was first diagnosed. He stopped breathing on me. Eight weeks old when I was breastfeeding him so it was actually reacting severely things coming through my breast milk and then came three very severe allergic responses that we almost lost in on each occasion and then he was finally diagnosed at sixteen months but he was so badly coveted exponentially they do the skin prick test on the arms today right the number then pet these solution and then score it and see if that's response there but he was say covered an expert. They actually had to do on his back so I have to physically hold him to me while they the various different things they need to fax try and to find out what was going on and at that point we found out it was the twenty eight and then my husband said what are we gonNA do. Feed 'em Aaron Mortar. which point I said give me a month? Let me figure it out and I was one of those people was in the aisle cursing in every single supermarket. Trying to find something safe. I started with that. Let's write down all the things the ICON D. and actually it turns out being easier all the things that I could do because that wasn't that much eight years ago but now things getting much better. There's an awful lot more that we can do and and things to progress so much. There's so much you can do in terms of by reportedly with all the different things we can cook last night. She did the most amazing cake for us is she was texting me and this is going to be safe. Calvin I was really pleased because I actually yes it really is. This is amazing. And it's not what's bad as Sino. How does it make you when people put in like last night to make a cake the sun so the first time it happened I actually burst into tears because his column said pretty much every single party he got his T? He's not able to eat the food that I turned expect people to be able to case for him. That's a problem and asked to have to deal with it. I don't expect people to be having to do that. And the extra stress on them. That's for us today and they need more often than not. We'll go to policy and I will reprobate whatever there is that people making find out an advance make sure he has an almost identical kit so when friends went to a laser quest party wasn't a month today and the MOM said to me I've managed to get hold of one of their boxes G. You want to make his food. Hand me the food before we get that and then we take it out so it looks the same as everybody else. Well that's column meant the world because he didn't look any different. It was all inclusive. It was safe life for him and he looked the same as everybody else. And that's so important when your child from a mental perspective knowing that you're say different already has done touched on before and to be able to search you can still do everything. It isn't GonNa impact me in a negative way and I will continue doing what every other child dose as well means. The world is an experienced in the. You had growing up with all of your allergies that you wanted to be like everybody else. Yeah my mom did what you did always Pratt. Food's always had something in separate she used to cold say using a supply and then make what they had but for me which I never felt like I was off then but in school always separate table if they were doing cooking lessons anything like that even if I was able to eat they didn't when I take the risk and that was that was hard for me. I think this is an area of allergies. That really concerns. Me Is the stigma that guess associated with it and the rejection. You get all actually the bullying. That happens as well done. You've got experience of this. What I got? Donald analogy ten fifteen years ago. It wasn't really that dot com in and skills. I was like the only kid I never really experienced. Boy and I know very common now. Kids are kind of got social media social engage- as now maybe why eleven twelve was. When I was in school? Social media wasn't really social thing so I think now probably does happen. Allergies wasn't based the news about them whereas now our our concern in the forefront of the news so kids now probably will. Where are we speaking about that? You can make hyman and feed. You compare taking things out what happens when you go to restaurants how how I can I can send the change of okay okay. So let's let's put a pin more is the best thing the restaurants could change to make your lives easier being truthful Yeah the needs to be truthful. Say that they can actually do something they need to deliver. What they're saying so cross contamination? If they truly understand you need to action. You're you're saying it's no good coming out and saying Oh sorry forgot. You couldn't have the cheese this grace it into your Your Taito take it out back. Scrape awful cheese give it same title bacteria which happened to us before and I've had to pull out an EPI pen and go. Well you're GONNA cool nine nine nine then because that's what's going to happen go into it properly and it does. Let's make a huge difference. You have to go through a bit of the threat and a bit of St yet. When I've had to do that with a key and I worked with a lot of restaurants now a lot of them a fantastic? Absolutely talk to the guys. I work with their phenomenal but there are still a lot that are wanting this difficult situation. What still needs to be done? So why restaurants a few weeks back saying restaurant start that dialogue with the customer to ask. If anyone does have allergies on the table. You'd be surprised at the mountains restaurants. Don't ask the simple question. Is everyone out of allergies when the do really juices Zay with the customer with the OJ. So I think just like really simple things. Asking anyone's got allergies. Thank give them the option. Like which wants pizza the head chef or you hop speaking to the head chef by giving that customer the option I feel like you really reduces enzyme when someone gives you options. There's been times where I felt multiple speaking to the head. Chef when you speak to head chef kinda juices Zayed and then he kinda you understand whether they're gonna you say you always you always go with what you feel in as well so if you feel. I don't think that Russian seriously all the algae menu just won't eat that all defined as well. I don't know if you've had setting we've had the work I do. There are a lot chefs blessed mood in the best that they can do but we have everyone in the industry that when paltrow effect. So you have some fatty diet that comes on. It's an icon in between this time and that time so they're in the restaurant. Why can't have that gluten free? All the dairy free option please. The chef goes to the trouble of doing it. They go through the starter and the maintenance so blatant and dairy free and the does that. We'll pass. ooh That's nice someone somewhere that we can't have that is go on a diet doesn't matter I can have a but anyway that's done damage. I think to with allergies people. Who are pseudo allergic? allegic exactly is that trust in. You do see this in restaurants. Were you talk to the waitress. I've got analogy and immediate. You see the balloon after the ads saying now you haven't you just fighting and you end up with is six cents which has to save your life. Yeah and it does kick in. I'm sure everyone will say there. Is that gut instinct kicks in and you got your. I'm convinced about this until stopping on a few occasions I went to a the peace peace and one on sort of an allergy. So you didn't have an Algebra new. My was blowing out with like such big chain restaurants scattered around wounded knowledge menu for all the different dishes and then she saw Well I can speak to the head chef from the way she said it you kind of got an offer. She's not taking me allergies Sisley on you know what I'm going to be a US. Sean and she's a lot you won't tell you have to be I think if someone's going to take your life seriously you late. She put Newark in someone else's essentially so you you've always got go. You go view and if you feel about not going to say either husband had that as well so back at the beginning of the everyone knows he follows me how much this blew up on twitter but he walked into a restaurant and asked is to say the same many eight and they said No. You have to sign this first before you're allowed to see it and it was a disclaimer saying that they were not going to be and this is a national chain. We are not going to be held responsible. If something in happens you have to sign this before we leave and let you see them any. I can see recent NASCAR Tim. She's been going back to something. Somebody said earlier one thing that I find works really well with restaurants and when they completely turned it round quite serious allergies. I I completely you get it when chefs. Don't feel happy feeding man. I would much rather someone said no but when they turn it around and say okay what do you like what would you like and when I feel the most safe is qualified when a nine everywhere can do this. But they'll do something that's just a little bit different so that everybody knows staff that serving giving me me and the sheriff does this person that has a special diet is having something different. And it's more about looking at what I can have. The menu might not be great. But can we do something else that makes you feel really safe from from my perspective as someone who doesn't live with allergies and if you're a food establishment and you the food and you have a kitchen and you have shut who's trained. Why is it not? Why is it so difficult to come up with something which which people can eat in the attend understand? Just don't understand affect fresh. They can do it go. That's what we did we kind of. We sold the things that he can have as opposed to the things. He can't Cook Chill as nothing that you can do. Because it's pre prepared and there's it's nothing on site that they can go on any single so they are just quite often very manic. Very I have worked in a kitchen. It's noise very nice. Quiet civilized iced easy environment where you have complete control over. What is happening to each dish? I do this should not. If it's a taste and people are eating in it then they should be aware of this situation and she she should have protocol in death trap and go to knives that occur relating. It's a different allergens. The the main issue is kind of the high street restaurants. Sometimes if you pay more money and say to go to a restaurant is is going to be cost like fake. You're going to get that experience. And the most Seattle agreed with that. Some of the really small independence. They do really good jump as well. The ones that are kind of not always come to everybody else vaco often beyond. Yes what about you lindy where you found some really good experience to actually you you blow about the places that you ain't. Yeah I think as I've started my blog I've looked more into the restaurants and I've kind of looked at the allergy memories which weren't around around when I was a kid and I've discovered that the places I have been eating H- I have allergies to them or like a burger the button. We'll be may contain sesame and antitoxin successively. But I've been eating at my whole life but now I know I don't eat there anymore. I don't trust people enough tonight because I'm looking into it. I don't trust myself to know what's careful to know what's good for me so right now my list is really. ABC's home that contain..

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