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Wake of Laura I'm Joe Jiro Fox News President Trump getting a firsthand look at the massive damage left by Hurricane Laura, the president first stuffing in Lake Charles, Louisiana, speaking to officials of the first responders, I'm here to support the great people of Louisiana. It's been a tremendous state for me. I love the people. We've had a good relationship right from the beginning, very important that I was here. And, uh, already met some people that have been absolutely devastated. This was a tremendously powerful storm. The president thank crews on the ground and said he signed a major disaster declaration for the area and pledged to provide financial assistance. President Trump's also said to visit an area in Texas hit by the storm, the MBA and other sports leagues resuming action today after player protests over the Kenosha police shooting, the NHL kicked off one of their playoff games, and before they sing the national anthem, they played it. Three minute video focusing on racial equality. Also today, the Milwaukee Bucks pick on Orlando in Game five of the play offs. This game was originally set for Wednesday. But the Bucks refuse to play that game as they demanded Justice and the wake of Jacob Blake shooting and their home state. Thanks. It's Christina Coleman, The New York Times and ESPN reporting that MBA stars LeBron James and Chris Paul received advice from former President Obama before all the players decided to continue the playoffs. The names have been released of the two young soldiers who lost their lives in a helicopter crash Thursday off the coast of California. 33 year old staff Sergeant Vincent Marquette of Break New Jersey was the distinguished Flying Cross recipient 22 Year Old Sergeant Tyler Sheldon, of San Bernardino, California also died Thursday after their m Age. 60 Paintball. Kelly Copter crashed on Stan Clementi Island near San Diego. Fractures. Lucas Tomlinson, America is listing Fox News. From the when it comes to news. Were there news radio 1000 Katie. Okay, Oklahoma's first years. Another shooting at an apartment complex in lot, and police say they responded to the candle would apartments yesterday and found a man with a gunshot wound. He was taken to a hospital where he died. Police responded to the same complex Thursday and found a woman who had been shot. She was taken to a hospital in stable condition. Learning more about the brutal burner of a young girl in Creek County, Beth Myers reports, federal prosecutors say to Bristol man accused of killing his five year old daughter earlier this week. Believed that she was controlled by witchcraft. 29 year old Adam Mason told investigators he punched his daughter drowned her, then took her to a creek bed in Gypsy. Where he said her body on fire US Attorney Trench Shores says the case is heartbreaking. Mason and his daughter are members of the MS Kogi Creek Nation. So the case is being prosecuted in federal court time. Eric.

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