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Dan salat taking a split to join her sassy little lila still in front of big night crossing madame dance alattas hammering home on the outside madame dance a lot from las gets up to win impeccably time to by mr nakasone bec died crossing second dance alike it's the job done goes last two first pays four dollars sixty cents on top midnight crossing runs second to round out a richard baltimore exact seven dollars twenty cents to place and sassy little lila runs third two dollars sixty cents to show the one dollar exact in nineteen eighty two fifty cents factor twenty four sixty five ten cents super fact to including another richard baltics runner running fourth in lucie de comes back forty dollars sixty eight cents madame dance a lot is a four year old phillies she's five of seventeen lifetime four hundred eighty nine thousand dollars in career earnings she's owned by slam dunk racing trained by richard balls bread by tallyho stud in ireland ridden a victory beautifully beautifully time but cory nakatani and you can see the pedigree at the bottom of the page is by sir prance a lot out of a danehill mare named sissel ninety three buyers feed figure for madame dance slow at the time from us ratings are not out yet for this race i'm going to go out on a limb and think that we may have a slow pace that she closed into and that would just flatter the number even more considering the top three finishers or third seconds third and fourth were one two and three through all the running when you look and see the come home times of the second third and fourth place finishers twelve and one twelve and one twelve and one madame dance came home in eleven to madame dance a lot is a serious serious fillion i think i think too many people will get lulled into the idea that she's just us she's beaten up on inferior company what would fault have done if she had run there as opposed to running the santa margarita on on saturday.

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