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Need give me an hour give me an hour of positively give me an hour of good stuff i'd been involved with a number of charities over time i i wanna do something fawn something good something that makes a difference i i wanna do that because if i don't i swear by here's was going to light on fire so in wanting to go about this mission i've been involved with in those people i work with who are involved with leukemia lymphoma and they have their like the night um they have a light the night event coming up tomorrow and money raised goes to leukemia lymphoma leukemia lymphoma foam of the reasons are coast to me and number of for is for a couple reasons leukemia lapalme society gets as gets more per dollar to research gets more per dollar to the labs than most charities do and k in a waste their money on marketing they don't waste their money on decorations or on overhead paying everybody billions of dollars just to be the ceo my cousin who i met once didn't make it till didn't make it to six years old because of childhood leukemia had he'd been diagnosed with that today he'd have a better chance of survival so what they do matters would they do has been working what used to be a death sentence back in the 80s now is is more than a chance so michael worker challenge me can you raised two thousand dollars an hour okay no one i'm going to try going to try to raise two thousand dollars in an hour seems like a low number unless you don't have to thousand dollars but i i need it i need something i need something and he.

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